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The Injury Thread: Take some advice before you blame SI.

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I haven't suffered from any ridiculous injury issues ever since the 901 patch.

Would people like to tell us what kind of training and intensity of matches are being carried out.

How do you monitor players conditions?

Because so far the injuries are very realistic, even the ones that mess me up.


Don't ask non aggressive/low bravery players to tackle hard, chances are they will suffer the most.

Be weary of other teams trying to kick your players out of the game.

If a player says they are tired after a intense period of matches give them some days off training.

"Feeling Exhausted" is BAD

Carry on...

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-mid medium during season, drop 2 clicks during vinter

-never field a player that has lower than 95% condition.

-Only use normal tackles

My players never complain on their training schedules.

still i suffer from atleaset one serious injury every match all season long, thats over 40 injuries of one week or longer.Realistic? i would say not....

But..i noticed someting else with a league 2 team i managed for awhile, they didnt have a large squad and guess what, they didnt suffer from they same amount of injuries as my premiership club. Still same training schedule.

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thats the 1 bad thing about FM all games have a bad point and FM's is there is always to many injrys the only thing to do is get a in game editor and delete 1 in 2 injurys or decrease there injury prones down the same amount for every player in your squad to make it fair and realistic.

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I disagree with the claims that there are too many injuries in FM2009.

Also, avoid too much pressing and playing too high tempo at the same time. I've never had any problems with injuries myself so this is just a suggestion. And please rotate your squad and don't be afraid to rest key players especially during fixtures pile ups.

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