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FM2009 deserve 2.0 out of 10.0

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I have seen many wierd scores on IGN. Sometimes I don't think they even try the games they review. That female reviewer is especially annoying, her reviews is full of direct lies! Haven't checked the FM review yet, so this was on a general note.

This is fun though:

IGN US: 2.0

IGN UK: 9.1

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There are some points in that review, the 3D doesn't have the greatest animations and the stadium models are hardly great but its still good to see whats going on. The game is complex for the casual player and so maybe they would prefer a simpler manager game but the wide variety of options means you can do things how you want so long as you know what you're doing. As for having no soundtrack, that is a bonus, totally useless to have some random selection of 20 songs playing all the time, I'm sure most people put on some music or video of their choice while playing with no need for the game to tell you what to listen to.

So in general it is complicated to get started with and you do need to be a football fan but once you are into it then its great.

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That's a pretty embarassing incident for the IGN editors - why allocate it to a writer who appears to have no prior experience (or even basic knowledge) of management games? Why allocate it to a writer who appears to have little interest in football?

Even when the review came in they should've known the game's reputation and found a more suitable reviewer.

You could agree on his comments about the animation if he didn't place so much emphasis on the graphics. But he's at least on the ball in regards to press conferences.

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LOL.. The game is obviously not aimed at the casual players who just want to click a few buttons and win.. And here we have one of those people reviewing it on one of the biggest gaming sites on the net.. I'm glad I cancelled my IGN subscription a few months ago.

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(Preamble editted)


"What it doesn't do, more importantly, is provide any compelling reason to keep "playing."

That is just a matter of opinion.

"Although the game's database of more than 350,000 real-life soccer players is certainly impressive, only the most diehard fans of the sport would be able to appreciate having such a massive pool of talent to sift through, and the casual fan would almost certainly find the task overwhelming – I did."

Nonsense! Does Gran Turimo have too many cars to chose from?!!!

"This is a game solely intended for hardcore soccer fans."

It is starting to feel a bit more hardcore each year but FM fans generally like that.

"The game's incredibly complex menu system is very difficult to navigate, even with the on-screen help box directing you through the process. In short, this game is extremely difficult to simply pick up and play. If you're unfamiliar with the franchise expect to spend a significant amount of time simply trying to figure out how to navigate the menus."

It is complex, there is just so much to find, but the navigation is fine - better than the software packages I use at work!

"Worldwide Soccer Manager's presentation problems don't end there though, once you finally make it to your team's first game you'll find that the player renderings and animations are awful, and the stadiums you play in lack any kind of personality or detail. Each field is bordered by fences and what appear to be unfinished stands, which don't have any fans in them. And, when the ball is kicked off of the pitch, it passes smoothly through the surrounding fences, right through the stands, and disappears from view only to return to the field in the same fashion, appearing magically from the stands and passing through the fences (and goals) on its way back into play."

I can understand this view, all valid points, but FM3d is only a representation of the ME's cogitations - full marks to SI for being brave enough to introduce this this year - and it will imrove year on year.

"Then there's the sound, or lack thereof. There is no soundtrack that plays while you work in the game's menus, which you'll spend the vast majority of your time in this game doing. There is no audio narration to accompany your participation in press conferences, even though your options for how to respond to each question is incredibly limited. There is no audio commentary to accompany the action in the simulated game's you watch/coach. In fact, the only sound we found in the entire game was the tones of fans cheering as each simulated game played out – which only detracts from the game's feel of authenticity seeing as there are no fans rendered in the stands."

The last thing I want is music over screens - awfull! As for no crowd sounds because you cannot see the crowd, nonsense. I wanna hear improved crowd effects / chanting, but thats an ongoing debate and copywrite issues are involved so its not a simple one.

"Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009 deserves a bicycle kick into the circular file.

As far as traditional gameplay goes, there really isn't any in Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009. Apart from managing your roster and coaching your team, there really isn't anything to do at all."

Is it not a management sim / game? Ahem!, Not sure how a shoot em up option can be bolted on!

"So, unless you really enjoy clicking on menu buttons, you'll find your interaction with this game extremely disappointing."

If this was a flight simulator I guess the review would says "unless you enjoy waggling a joystick....blah blah"

"However, if you're a big footie fan and big fan of sports simulation, you'll be extremely impressed with the depth of Worldwide Soccer Manager, which allows you to control just about every facet of your team and draw from a player pool that is simply mindboggling.

Closing Comments

This game obviously aims to provide the deepest soccer simulation experience possible for the sport’s most passionate and informed fans, but it offers little to nothing that would appeal to a casual fan of the sport or to the average videogame enthusiast. The menus are complex and difficult to navigate, graphics are terrible, the sound is non-existent and there is no traditional gameplay to speak of. I couldn’t imagine why anybody would prefer Worldwide Soccer Manager to FIFA 09 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2009."

To be fair to the reviewer I wonder how total newbies get on, at 44 (though I feel 19) I think I would struggle to learn the game from zero experience but imagining I was 15, I dont think I could ever be prised from it - it would, and has sucked me in totally.

This is all my opinion of course, hope it has some weight.

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That review has absolutly nothing to do with FM or WSM... Its a review of someone who doesnt like a management sim and is wining about the fact you cant play the games yourself... Uhm helloooo! its a management game!!

Screw him!

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Hahaha he really has no clue of what he is talking about!!! That was a very good laugh! BTW, now that the reviewer mentiones it, I seem to remeber that the stadiums in the game with the empty stands could be replaced be user edited ones, am I right in this assertion?

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i really wouldnt worry urselfs about that review, anyone who calls football soccer really needs to go buy a one of them giant hands and shout " LETS GO YANKEES DUM DUM DUM DUM" whislt watching american football.

Anyway he said he found it extremely difficult to navigate through the screens............anyone who finds that difficult should be on disability allowance instead of working.

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Not my words. The words of this ****head here.


I suggest we sign up and let our feelings be known.

What does op mean?

You, the original poster, in plucking a random and poorly written article, taking it in the wrong context, and suggesting people sign up to it.

If there's issues with your game, discuss and learn with others here, don't get all jingoistic over it.

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"Yes, the depth of management in this game is impressive. But, it’s not impressive enough to make up for the fact that you aren’t actually playing soccer."


I wonder if he complained that he couldn't catch 'em all when reviewing COD5.

Muppet. I lost interest in some of his more salient points when I realised he had no idea what he was doing.

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I was watching Once In A Lifetime: The Story of the New York Cosmos, and it was said that the US couldn't accept football because they lacked the attention span to be able to watch for a solid 45 minutes at a time. It was pointed out that most sports over there have frequent breaks (i.e. American football) which allows the spectator to get food, have a chat and so on, and generally detach themselves from the game, and this could be the reason why the apparently American reviewer just couldn't handle something which required him to actually think, rather than sit back and press a few buttons on a joypad ala FIFA/PES - something which you can jump straight into and not have to think about.

The fact that he wanted music over the menus and less "clicking" only proves this further - lack of attention span, a completely passive experience, wants the senses to be bombarded and not have to think so much.

... in my humble opinion, anyway. :D

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Them stupid yanks! I must admit his FM is quite different to the rest of the FM series but its not bad, I'd say its improved alot to be honest. The stupid yanks have no clue!

I take offense! I'm a Portuguese-American and I love the CM/FM series. Any of the EA FIFA games make me want to vomit. I agree that most Americans wouldn't know what to do with a football if it bit them in the a$$, but let's not bunch everyone together as a bunch of dummies. The manner and style of American "soccer" is so dreadful in my opinion that I can't even bear to watch it. Long live FM, now let's get patch 9.2 out there!

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Zune Player, Media Player, WinAmp, iTunes?

Jeez, bigger idiot than the OP, both of which have spectacularly missed their respective points.

What's your problem with me Indi? It's quite obvious I think the review is a total jerk like everyone else in this topic.

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Has anyone thought about the possibility that he might just not like the game? and as none of us are first time players like this chap seems to be so we are not in the best position to judge his comments.

I love the game but just because he doesn't don't make him a stupid yank with no attention span.It's only an opinion of which we all have one.

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