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[FM24] Jacobs Ladder - UEFA Edition

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The Challenge: To travel the length and breadth of Europe, collecting silverware and building your reputation as a tactical genius as you climb the ladder in European football

  •   You will need a league megapack to have all 54 European nations available, I recommend THIS ONE by Qwert2. 
  •   You must start unemployed with Sunday League reputation and with no coaching badges.
  •   No cheating - Hopefully that goes without saying, but please disable the in-game editor and no reloading after defeats to get more favourable results.
  •   How you set up your database is up to you, I recommend loading all 55 nations but as 'view only' with only the five nations in your current step set to playable. That is entirely up to you though. 


The Ladder: To Win this challenge, beginning at the bottom in step one, you must complete the eleven steps on the ladder, which are based on the current UEFA coefficient ratings.  Each step is made up of five countries. You must win Three of the five top divisions in each step before you may move on and load the next group of five. There is nothing to stop you going for the other two nations in each step if you want to make it even more challenging, but it is not a requirement.


Step Eleven


England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France


Step Ten


Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Czechia


Step Nine


Scotland, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark


Step Eight


Israel, Greece, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia


Step Seven


Poland, Cyprus, Hungary, Sweden, Romania


Step Six


Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia


Step Five


Moldova, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Finland, Republic of Ireland


Step Four


Armenia, Latvia, Faroe Islands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Liechtenstein*

*Liechtenstein's clubs play in Switzerland's system, winning the Liechtensteiner cup will satisfy the challenge.

Step Three


Iceland, Northern Ireland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta

Step Two


Georgia, Albania, Estonia, Belarus, North Macedonia

Step One


Andorra, Wales, Montenegro, Gibraltar, San Marino


The very best of luck to all who take part, it's a great challenge that takes you to countries you might never load up on FM otherwise. Let us know how you're getting on below!





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Like this idea - currently looking for a new save after coming 11th for 3 seasons running with St Albans and coming close to chucking my laptop out of the window.

I usually run 100 leagues from all over the world so may have a go covering all continents and with 20 steps (that I will clearly fail at and never finish)

Handy little list on Reddit too with all leagues sorted by reputation;


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