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Loaning players out : loaning team report

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Not sure if it's a feature or a skinning thing, but when you loan out players, the loaning team report should say the following beside the level of training facilities: 

  • Team's division
  • Team's reputation
  • League's reputation
  • Team's predicted league position - sending out a young defender or striker to a team that's going to struggle in their league doesn't make sense since they'd probably  get low match ratings.
    • Also it could include stats like avg goals conceded, avg goals scored, avg chances created,  avg match ratings of the players 
  • Loan manager's opinion on the players predicted actual playing time - maybe they just trying to get the deal done so they
  • Loan manager's recommendation when you have multiple choices - from different aspects: best option for player development, best to maintain/grow value, best financial option for the club.  
    • just a sidenote: tbh loan managers are kinda useless now, they always **** up something so better not to let them loan your players
  • Loan manager's opinion on potential adaptability issues -based in player's adaptability hidden attribute. Things like : player has already played in this league, this is his home country, or never played there and could have issues hitting the ground. If it takes 6 months for him to fit in why loaning him out?


  •  image.thumb.png.a0afcb8e98df61df0553041ecb5310c7.png

Also, you should be able to see these info when multiple team offer loans for your player: 


Loaning out players is a very important part of player development, and find a good club makes a big big difference. It would save us so much time on this task and would educate everyone to make a better decision. : ) 

Also this would at least validate the loan manager's role in the game.  :)


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