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Football is evolving and fm should too


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Dynamic movememt, I use two liberos and a dm on support but compensate by having two ifbs in order to maintain two at the back while in posession. Sometimes the ifbs go on runs down their sides as attacking involvments (see next paragraph). Because i dont want to use a half back and the liberos pushes up. This leaves me with a single player at the back (the ifb on the other side). I want the players to have better understanding of dynamic movememt (ive tried in game editor in order to max out their teamwork attributes and all the other ones too tbf jus to see if anything would fix it and it doesnt). I want to be able to tell one of my liberos that if my ifb sees space and decided to run down the flank, you have to cover for him and stay back until he returns before you can continue your libero dutys. Or like arsenal does, their striker sometimes comes way deep to help with the build up play, when this happens martinelli or havertz sometimes occopies that room for him at the top.

As previously mentioned, my ifbs goes on runs when they see space as intended. I want these ifbs to run down the wings and put in an early cross etc. It works to an extent by having overlapping in the approach play feature, having them run wide with the ball, training the trait that has them run down their respected sides and to cross from deep and more often. It should really not be that hard and they still dont do it quite enough. I have tried putting normal fbs on defend and sit narrower but they still sit too wide in posession, like damn just let me put my ifbs on support.

I also want to be able to tell my players how not to score, cool i can pick between work the ball into the box, shoot on sight, and early crosses but i cant do two of those and not the third, why is that not an option? Same goes for where not to distribute the ball etc.

Pressure baiting isnt an option despite it being implented in modern football years ago? De zerbi has brightons back-line dwell on the ball to invite pressure before they proceed with high tempo vertical tiki taka trough the space the pressure baiting opened up once they break trough the first line. (No the dwell on the ball trait does not work for this, i want to be able to tell them to flick a switch after the bait in order to turn up the tempo and catch them off guard). Or as michels girona does with vertical pressure baiting, having players gather by one vertical third before switching the play to rapid full backs/wingers on the other side that runs through the space left behind by the other team.

I also want to be able to have my midfielders overlap my wingers as my winger baits the opposition fb more narrow, leaving space for my midfielder by the touchline. The closest you can get is having a mez or ap run wide with the ball but this doesnt cut it as they overlap once in a blue moon. I take it the overlap feature in approach play only works on fbs. Same goes for not beng able to tell my centerbacks to underlap/overlap like bastoni, blind and stones does. 

On the topic of approach play, work focus play trough the middle.. really? I want to tell them to play rotating triangles like liverpool, opposing diamonds like tottenham, lighting shaped pass play down the flanks etc.

Switching formation between the build up and final third entry play etc (barella playing as a rb in the first phase until they break trough the first line, then he moved into his role as an 8 in the latter stages of play). In possesion v out of posession formations and so on (man city playing 442 out of possesion and whatever pep feels like in possesion). In general the game lacks a lot of features that I see as necessary for a modern day football managing simulation game as I find fm24 too restrictive. All you can really do it give them a formation and give the players a vague idea of what you want them to do, like telling fbs to overlap, much like managing a team of 15 year olds that cant process more advanced tactics.

Nb, can you also fix that championsship clubs see fit to sign end of contract deals with 36 year old italians etc, i get you dont want a massive amount of contractless players but have them retire or sign with someone in their own league. Aint no way millwall has a scounting network able to pick up the 32 years old winger in the second devision of brazil.

Also what do you mean a cd cant bring the ball out of defence because of the pre-set dribble less aspect whats it even there for then, nonsense!

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You took the words right out of my mind bro.

I've been thinking about this for so long. We have so little hands on control on tactics and custom specific instructions. 

I see the Tactics Module in FM as an assembly of presets that can be stacked together. And even so, we're still restricted on what we can stack together. It's just presets of mini tactics already in use by other managers being added to the game. Before Pep Guardiola popularized the Inverted Full Back role, it wasn't added to FM. But as a user, I could have conceived a role/tactic/passing sequence in my head that no other football manager in the world has played with before, and then want to try it out in-game. We're locked out of true creativity and experimentation, and that isn't cool at all.

This is exactly why I got tired of playing FM years ago (I started playing in 2010). It felt like I wasn't truly in control as a head coach, and that the players were just doing what they've been pre trained to do by someone else and there was nothing I could really and specifically do about it. I felt more like an advanced spectator watching things happen and being positively or negatively surprised. 

I feel like I should be able to instruct players to run or move into space I define, while others do the same during certain game states or phases. I should be able to set custom instructions based on certain triggers (e.g. when Phil Foden receives the ball, Kiwior should press him while Martinelli man marks Nathan Ake as a distraction, as Saka runs into the right half space, then when we turn over possession, a through ball should be played to Havertz, who then plays it to Saka who is now free for an easy tap-in). I should be able to define in-possession formations (yes plural), and out-of-possession formations depending on the game state, phase, or custom defined triggers. 

I could write on and on, but you get the idea. We should be able to draw custom tactics, runs and dummy runs, presses, passing sequences, crossing targets, etc. We should be able to do this pre-game and on the fly during the game to adjust for inadequacies or in response to the opponent's own in-game management.

Look at the way real life managers like Klopp and Arteta dish out custom instructions on the fly as games progress to fit the state of things.

Honestly, I hope they implement this in FM25 or sometime soon.


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