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Promoted an relegated teams do not match up

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Hello everyone, 


I have been working on a US database with lots of subdivisions, I have everything working with basic rules but there are a number of things that I am looking to add in with the advanced editor.  I am getting an error on verification which I know is incorrect involving the promoted and relegated teams not matching up.


I have tried verifying the league from bottom to top individually to see what the issue is and when I get to the US Regional Divisions it tells me that no teams are being relegated to the division below even though one team should be going down through the relegation playoff.  I have gone into that stage and checked and there is a fate action to relegate a team from that playoff.


I am unsure what I am missing because I am just doing the verification without changing any rules over from the basic editor.  I have also tried to bypass verification, but the process from previous years does not seem to work anymore.  I have attached my editor file here, any help or thoughts on what could be causing it is appreciated!

Final US Regions League.fmf

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