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[FM24] The Special One


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So, the main story of this save is it is a journeyman save that takes place in Portugal (a league I keep returning to for some reason) we start with 2nd division side Uniao De Leiria who Jose Mourinho coached before joining Portoimage_2023-12-07_221042060.png.2093573404e8acbed4a3d389b2d8a956.png

Essentially our job is to knock Mourinho down a peg and show him he's nothing special, how will we do that you ask? Simple, we do what he did but better, We can't leave Uniao de Leiria unless it is for a top 3 club in Portugal that being FC Porto, Sporting CP, or SL Benfica, we then have to win the league title and a european trophy (preferably the UCL) and the final step is to join a team in one of the top 5 leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy or Spain) and then win the treble. After this the only job left will be to outscore Mourinho in the hall of fame. Anyways we are far from that as of right now, lets explore our new club




So according to the club vision we should finish mid table in the 2nd division, however the season preview has us fighting relegatio so we might have a difficult time on our hands but lets go meet some of our players


I am a big fan of Mr. Jair Silva, he looks like a stunning player and I'm really excited about using him as either a striker or an inside forward depending on what tactic I use, looks like a killer in front of goal at this level


So I think quite clearly our strength comes from our wide options as Van Der Gaag, able to play on both wings, seems to be our best player according to player value (think I like Silva more but still a great player)



One of our younger options, Joao Resende was a great striker on fm back in I think fm20, fm21, Unfortunately for us he's not quite become as good as those old versions would predict him to be but he is still capable at this level

There are more great players but I don't fancy going through showing all of them so let's get to the tactic we plan on using




Now I am a football coach irl so I take some ideas from how I see football irl which considering I've watched hours and hours of Mourinho's Porto, Chelsea & Real Madrid sides.... there isnt much difference between how I see football and how Mourinho sees football, the only significant difference is I like to make my teams press higher up however Mourinho's sides (when not defending a lead) tend to defend with a mid block and a higher line so I figured I will take this and just tell my team to press more often and it will hopefully be the perfect middle ground

Now we don't have much as far as money goes so I don't see an overly active summer happening so I will be back with the end of pre season and the start of the Liga 2 season

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