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[FM24] - Holm is where the heart is!


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Having toyed with the idea of blogging a save for a number of years I've always stopped short from doing so but I figured it's time to give it a bash so I give you, "Holm is where the heart is" - Clydebank FC (the current iteration) were founded by fans following the previous club being placed into administration, bought over and moved to Airdrie. The club previously were a mainstay of the Scottish Professional Pyramid until their financial woes and collapse.


A perennial Junior side since their creation, the club have since been granted the history of the former Clydebank and following the restructure of the Scottish system find themselves sitting in the 6th tier of Scottish football they have turned to former Clyde hard-man, Harry 'Chopper' McLaren to once again bring a level of professional prestige back to the town.


The squad Chopper has inherited is not in a particularly bad way, with some very useful players for this level.


Nicky Low, looks a real gem for this level; if he can keep himself match fit... that injury proneness is a concern.


Facilities... well the less said about them at the moment the better xD


This season's objectives is a mid-table finish and to be competitive in all other competitions now I'm a firm believer that if you're gonna do it, you're going to do in style, so this season's kits are these made by myself, there's just something about the old Umbro fitted look that I just love. 



Now you're probably wondering why the blog is called Holm is where the heart is, well Clydebank play at a stadium called Holm Park. Rebuilt in 2019 to accomodate the club joining the West of Scotland set up, felt it fit the narrative of the save, with the fan based ethos of the club.

Goals for the save are as follows:-

  • Get Clydebank back to the Professional Leagues
  • Develop a crop of Scottish Talent
  • All signings must have UK and ROI nationality (or Second nationality)
  • Bring trophies back to the club
  • Become the Best side in Scotland and Europe

One last thing... Let's get right behind the Bankies!


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