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[FM24] - Have you ever heard of Trefelin Boys & Girls Club? The beginning of the journey of an Arsenal fan


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29 year old Arsenal supporter Nathan Francis was visiting Snowdonia in Wales on holiday when he met a man named Steve Green when eating in Bryn Arms restaurant. They got along quite well and they spoke about football in detail, particularly on the tactical side and analytical side, and Steve Green was impressed.  The conversation almost felt like an interview. At the end of the conversation Steve Green revealed he is chairman for Semi-Professional Welsh Cymru South team Trefelin Boys and Girls Club, based in industrial town Port Talbot, and in a half serious tone said, "If we ever need a new manager you should apply".


Nathan seriously considered it as it would be a dream, and once he saw that Trefelin BGC had sacked their manager in late September he applied. Whilst in the moment he also applied for other jobs around the world in the lower divisions and was asked for a few interviews, but he decided not to go to them, knowing he didn't have the credentials. The interview with Trefelin went well, with Nathan being honest and also telling them he would be more than happy to work with DoF Dan Bates. He also decided to apply for for the team that was last in Cyrmu North and got an interview.


Trefelin offered Nathan the job and he accepted, travelling up to Wales right away and signed a 1 year contract on £130 p/w, which means it is a part time job for now while he also does a remote working analytics job. Trefelin are currently last in the league with 0 points after 7 games in Cymru South wanted to avoid relegation and have the same goal for the next 5 years. Its a big challenge. but the ethos of the club is something that really resonated with Nathan. They have strong community roots with both boys and girls and their first team is littered with players that have been with the club since kids. Its the type of football romance I love and wish to continue.

Message from the chairman that was made 2 years ago when they first entered Cymru South


This is the start of the dream and that dream extends to managing Arsenal one day!


The next post will cover the squad and facilities and all posts will be written in first person from now on


Note: In this career I hope to achieve success in Wales before continuing a managerial journey that culminates in me joining Arsenal and winning the league and Champions League. That's the dream, but whether I get there is another question.

I will act as a modern Head Coach/manager and so will have a DoF that takes care of transfers, contract renewals, scouting and hiring staff (apart from first team coaches). I will recommend players to my DoF for transfers, contract renewals and being scouted, but the DoF will always have the final decision. 

Players that I don't want sold under any circumstances will have that set on the player screen, but the board can of course still overrule this.

Features: I will make a post after every game month passes, but preseason will be covered in one post. Each post will have a video of our goal of the month (voted by me) and summary of the top scorers. And also a  summary of any major events in the wider world of football

Game DB notes: Every league and every division is loaded. Full detail leagues are my current league, major international comps, the Champions League, and the Premier League


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League Position

Its been a tough season so far with 0 points after 8 games and sitting rock bottom. We need to turn it around ASAP to survive in the league.



Facilities and Trophies

We play in a 1k capacity stadium and have basic and poor facilities. As we have a focus on bringing through youth we will want to improve our youth facilitities



We have 6 trophies in our history, but none of them major Welsh trophies




We are a squad with payers on part time contracts. We are stacked with talented CMs and hardly any wide players. We desperately ned points, so our focus will have to be on solidifying our defence. For all these reason I decided to go with a tactic that fills the middle of the pitch, so hopeully we can keep he ball. One of our attacking midfielders will drift wide and the other will act as a second striker.









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