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Football Manager 2024 Mobile | Major Update | Out Now

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We are happy to announce that Football Manager 2024 Major Update 15.1 is now available on Mobile.

This update contains fixes and improvements across multiple areas of the game. Gameplay upgrades are compatible with existing careers, although you will need to start a new saved game to benefit from the data and competition updates. 

The changes in this Mobile update include, but are not limited to:

  • Updated Database, Kits, Badges and Headshots 
  • Updated Translations 
  • Fixed a few rare crashes 
  • Crash on 'Credits' screen when minimizing game 
  • Crash when attempting to delete a space / edit the gamer handle 
  • Fixed a range of issues with Loans and Transfers 
  • Fixed transfer bid showing an amount different than the one in the offer itself 
  • Fixed extremely slow performance of player search when a user creates a large number of scout reports 
  • Made fixtures and results for user's division show up more often 
  • Fixed unsupported character displayed with long names 
  • Fixed repeated squad number in pre-match screens 
  • Fixed various text cut-offs, spelling errors and screen alignment issues 
  • Fixed some iOS notch issues 
  • Fixed a number of issues with staffing and youth prospects 
  • Fixed issues relating to Campeones Cup and continental competition information 
  • Fixed issue with Vinicius Tobias loan 
  • Fixes to manager titles and achievements 
  • Various UI fixes 
  • Various fixes to Tactics and Squad Selections 
  • Fixed issue where training progress news item and dev hub grade seem to be contradictory 
  • Fixed playoff final specific strings not triggered for Dutch EU places playoff final on pre-match hub 
  • Fixed Professor Decaying/About to lose news item mentioned Tinker Man  
  • Fixed missing positions in the world ranking list. 
  • Fixed inability to delete a file from the Import screen 
  • Fixed post-match team meeting not giving expected options 
  • Fixed some missing player reactions in team detailed view 
  • Fixed J3 League repeated awards 
  • Toned down very strong clubs being too dominant long-term in AI vs AI matches with too little variety 
  • Fixed issues displaying age records 
  • Fixed player language skills improving in English while playing in Japan 
  • Remove unexplained leave of absences at start of career where player was resting after summer internationals 
  • Fixed SEGA/SI splash screen showing a thin red border at the top of the screen 
  • Fixed issue where scorers and game summaries are sometimes not correct in the match summary screen 
  • Fixed issue where fixture results could display opposite outcome 

This update should download automatically for your version of the game. If this doesn’t happen, or you need to manually search for it, consult our dedicated instructions page

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