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I'm bringing this back for another year, but I've taken the feedback and adjusting the Database so that it provides more league fixtures to aid player development. 
Basically, Irish Domestic football is traditionally very weak. It's gotten better and experiencing a moment of renewed interest right now, but maybe you fancy something different

This Database acts as a Total Conversion, and somewhat of a United Ireland Mod. I've gotten rid of the League or Ireland, Provincial and Junior Structure and replaced it with a 32
County model where each traditional county has a First Team, Reserve (Intermediate) and U21 (Junior) squad that competes in a Domestic, Provincial and National Championship.

There are currently 36000 changed in this custom database including:

  • New competitions and Competitions Histories since 1886
  • Club League history tracking Position, Points, Won, Drawn, Lost. 
  • Club First Team and Reserve Stadiums
  • Home and Away Kits for each Team
  • Custom Graphics Pack
    • Club and Competition Logos
    • Home and Away Kits
  • Irish Players distributed across the League Structure (re-imagining a world where Irish Football was strong enough to hold onto our internationals)
    • This means each County has a full 1st team, and U21s Roster. No need to auto-generate newgens for this database to work. 





Here is a Rough idea how this Database works as a Domestic Season.

Each team is automatically entered into 3 competitions: The Allianz National League, The Provincial Championship and The All-Ireland Championship

Allianz National League (Division)
4 x 8 Team Divisions (Top Division seeds UEFA Competitions.) Each Team plays each-other once. It's best to think of this as a UEFA Playoff League to determine who plays in Europe. 

The Provincial Championship (Domestic Cups)
All 32 Teams are filtered into their Respective Provinces to play in a League path feeding into a knock-out Finals series. 

All-Ireland Championship (Secondary Division)
All 32 Teams play in each-other once.

Sam Maguire Cup (Main Cup)
All 32 Teams compete for a European; Fourth and Third Division Teams contest the First Round with Second and First Division Teams entering in the Second and Third Rounds Respectively.  

Tailteann Cup (Reserve Cup)
All 32 Intermediate (Reserve) Teams contest the First-Fourth Rounds with Fourth and Third Division Senior Teams entering in the Second Round.  

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