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[FM24] - Kuwait League [2 Divisions] V24.0

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changes/important notes

1- in Kuwait, there are 15 active clubs for football (the 16th club is called as Al-Qurain) founded in 2009, they entered different sports like Basket and originally handball, there are a talk over the years to enter football but still no yet. I just read elsewhere they entered beach-football.. anyway.. i included them to 2nd division to increase number of games..  plus the format of cups for 16 a lot better than 15..

the file almost 95% what it's in real life.. 

2. Added 'Al-' for some clubs which already missed by FM, in addition, added (KUW) for all clubs which could have similar names in other countries like; Al-Shabab, A-Nasser, Al-Qadsia as some of these names already in Saudi structure. More importantly 'Kuwait Sporting Club' a bit close to the name of nation itself. Also there is a club called 'Al-Kuwait Sporting Club' so the addition of 'Al' would make it clear that it's the club, Not Nation (when u read results, fixtures etc..)

3- maximum for 5 fergion players allowed in life, but there are additional 2 who can be registered or play too, if they are born in kuwait. No matter what's their nationality and I didn't find a way to do it in editor. If someone who can help over this, no problem.

4- No GK fergion can be registered or play at all. You might be able to buy but u can't register. This could help u for financials reasons later.

5- prizes for competitions are made as close as in real life.  But i don't know much about about discipline rules.

6- No U19 added as i don't have the experience of making one league for all 16 teams in 2 rounds (plus cup) .. if someone can edit the file, i'm open for version 2 in the future.



1. League ( 2 tiers ) - top division 10 teams (2 rounds then the top 6 play together again ) in similar way to Scotland.  The remaining four play together. this is real life structure (points, goals etc..) in 1nd stage transferred to 2nd stage. The 2nd Division (6 teams) play together for 4 rounds. 

2. Kaas Al-Ameer (this the president of Kuwait cup in Arabic) .. the biggest prizes there. Knockout comptition

3. Crown Prince.. 2nd important cup, a bit less prizes..

4. Super Cup (between the winners of League and Kaas Al-Ammer)

5. FA Cup: this is minor cup used by the FA during international breaks (as u know Asia Cup, Arabian Gulf for Nations etc, Asian Games etc) usually takes mid-season) so i put it in January as most of these competitions, in real life Kuwait FA cup (is the least important trophy) and played in different months each year. Our country don't have certain fixture lol. Current Format for 15 teams (3 Groups, 5 for each) and while i added the 16th club, now the format is a lot better.


Premier Division





2nd Divsion:




FA Cup:




Download Link



best regards.

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  • Kaiser_Tottenham changed the title to [FM24] - Kuwait League [2 Divisions] V24.0
4 hours ago, oche balboa said:

This is a good build. The 2nd Tier of 6 clubs isn't great (I know its real life) 

It’s five lol, they play 4 rounds, and with other competitions, sometimes clubs play each other 6-7 times in one season..

according to one player. We saw opponent’s faces more than our wives lol

If it’s up to me, increase the clubs to 24, the state can easily push that. People loves football a lot. Bahrain is smaller country, had more clubs (20+ clubs)


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