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[FM24] FC Ruggell - Youth Only in Liechtenstein


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Season 4 - May 2027



Once again it comes down to the last two games! The narrative in FM doesn't get any better than these sort of repeating situations or players that pop-up randomly that use to be at your club!


Our remaining games are against Frauenfeld and Wil2. Vaduz 2 arguably have the easier games. Fingers crossed!

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Season 4 - June 2027/Season Review



We did it! We got promoted (just - phewwww)!

We heading into the final game 1 point above Vaduz 2 and had to better or match their result to gain promotion! I got presented with the following challenge...


7 first team players out on international duty and I nearly chucked the PC out of the window. We managed to draw away from home, showing character and get the result we needed!

Off the field




The biggest advantage of getting promoted is our wage budget has increased to 4.2k per week, which will allow us £900 difference to renew deals and maybe even have space for the youth intake coming in next season! We are finishing the season in £455k debt.

Next year will be able survival I believe, but each year I go up a tier we seem to surprise teams! Keep pushing, 4th tier here we come!

Hopp Ruggell!

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Season 5 - Preview

League preview of tier 4, 1. Liga Classic Gruppe 3. Unsurprising, bottom of the prediction league:


Finances are still in the red:



No upgrades due to the overall balance


We are going to lose our two best players as they don't believe the side is strong enough to match their ambition. Fries and Dorsch will leave at the end of the season, this weakens us a lot!


Strong wins to boost the morale, as we enter the season.

Praying we can stay up in this division and more importantly, we need a strong youth intake!

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Season 5 - August 2027


One game in July, which we got off to the perfect start (only just!). The gap between us and safety is already 8 points which is great. I really thought we would struggle as we made the step up, but once again we have done better than expected... so far!

Starting XI


IF  -  AM  -  IW


CWB  CB  -  BPD -  IFB


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Season 5 - September 2027



Continued our good start with strong performances. Annoyingly at the end of the month we were without 12 of our first team players due to international call ups. Liechtenstein u21 and u19s are having their European Qualifiers, which lasts around 3 weeks. Frustrating none the less. Somehow we survived by drawing our last game of the month, playing a very weakened side.

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Season 5 - October 2027


The month that was always going to come... international call ups ruined the start of the month. Then fixture conjestion and tiredness meant we had no chance and completely outclass. Luckily we are still in midtable! Knocked out of the cup as well - terrible month!

Off the pitch


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Season 5 - November 2027



Last month before the winter break and we have a solid month, bouncing back after poor form in October. I just wanted to show you how good our Liechtenstein striker has become and how sad I am going to be when he leaves at the end of the season as he won't sign a new contract.


The positive is we can produce these type of newgens!

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Season 5 - Winter Break

It was bound to happen at some point... of course Vaduz snap up our best two players at the end of the season. Making it harder to get into Europe and get some money into the club! This one stings



Karma came quick - messes up for the rest of the season!


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Season 5 - February 2028


Another solid month, good friendlies setting up a win in the league after the winter break.

Off the fields

It's getting tough, no money coming into the club. Still paying off the loan for buying the stadium and also the board reducing our wage budget, meaning we are now overspending. Nothing I can do about it sadly! This is definitely a grind at the moment! A+ rating still though!





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Season 5 - Youth Intake


Overall, a solid intake, trying to limit the wage budget so only offering a youth contract to two players.



A replacement for a winger and striker with good shooting! Both will come into the first team off the bench this season.

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Season 5 June 2028/Season Review





Overall, a really positive season, I thought we would find our level and be in a relegation battle. Losing our best two players in this offseason is going to hurt but also the first it has happened. Hopefully the youth intakes can keep bringing us talent! Finances continue to be an issue as we are tight on wage budget and the balence is -£600k meaning we can not improve youth facilities or coaching! We need a cup run and to beat Vaduz to get into Europe once, that could be our only hope at the moment!

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