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[FM24] Berwick Rangers - That English Team in Scotland Youth Academy Challenge


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Berwick Rangers - That English Team in Scotland Youth Academy Challenge 

With the full release only days away, it's time to finally complete the Youth Academy Challenge. The team for the challenge, with a little twist as always, is the English team playing in the Scottish League, Berwick Rangers. Based in the border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Berwick Rangers (along with local neighbours Tweedmouth Rangers) play their football in the Scottish League System. Until 2018-2019 Berwick were a regular fixture in League Two before relegation has doomed them to the lower leagues ever since. The greatest history of note for the The Borderer's came in 1967 when a record crowd of 13,365 witnessed a 1-0 victory over Rangers in the Scottish Cup, a shock for the ages. A Scottish League Two winning campaign in the 1978-79 season saw the clubs most successful period with 2 East of Scotland Shield wins in 1980-81 and 1983-84. 

Plans for the save

  • Complete the FM24 Youth Academy Challenge from the Challenge section of the forum. This would be only the second Scottish save to do so if successful. 
  • I've been playing around with graphics rather than my usual excel based posts previously. I hope to keep everything looking great and functional and still be able to get all the info across. I will probably still track stats on excel and find a way to bring into different graphics.
  • Interested to see, as Berwick is English and will produce English youth players, how this will change during the save and as we get further in will it continue to be more English player led, will the Scots fight back or will we have talent from much further afield?


I've posted the first 3 pages of "Issue 1" for the Berwick Rangers save. The rest I have made in principle ready for the full release and any changes that will come (different team relegated, different players retained etc.). I have this is a PDF also but looks far too large so may have to lower the quality or limit to 4 pages per issue to be able to attach moving forward!





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