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[FM24] – Emulating Emery – Club 3 - Real Betis


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As an Aston Villa fan, over the last year, I’ve started to love Unai Emery more and more. Other than the Martin O’Neil years, I don’t remember us being good (Born in 1996 and didn’t start getting into football until 2003). After struggling with save ideas initially. Something clicked with me whilst at Villa vs Luton. Try to emulate the Career (or even better it) of the man that’s brought me so much joy in the last year. 

I did try getting into the blogging scene last year, but after some personal circumstances, didn’t have the time or mental energy to really give it a go, but after having a bit of time away I’m back to give this another go as I did enjoy it. 

I will be trying to match (or better) the achievements of Unai Emery, starting from the same tier of Spanish football. I won’t be doing the exact same clubs as him. I also won’t be including his spell in Russia, as he didn’t accomplish anything there. 

Just as a note, if I do get sacked (for those of you that remember my Mansfield save last year, you’ll know it’s possible) – I can carry on from the same tier with another club or go to another club in a tier below. I can only move to a club in a tier above/a different country when I am already managing a club. 



Get promoted from the Spanish third tier. - COMPLETED 23/24

Get promoted from the Spanish second tier. - COMPLETED 24/25

Qualify for the champions league with a Spanish club

Win the domestic treble in France 

Manage in the Premier League

Win 4x European Trophies (or more)

Get to a European final with an English team



I will be using a modified version of the Unai Emery Recreation for FM23, originally by View From The Touchline. 

Here is a link to the tactic - https://www.viewfromthetouchline.com/2023/04/12/aston-villa-fm23-emery-tactical-recreation/

Please check out their content here: https://www.viewfromthetouchline.com

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1 hour ago, Emozil said:

There’s just one issue, the club that Emery first managed no longer exist, after ceasing in 2011. Shame as that would have been a good starting point. The league also has a different structure. So I can’t start from the same division. 

Actually there is another phoenix club from Lorca but they play in the 5th division, u probably wont want to drop that low. In the 3rd league (Primera Federacion) I would suggest Linares (Group 2) would be the same level of club.

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11 hours ago, Muttley84 said:

Actually there is another phoenix club from Lorca but they play in the 5th division, u probably wont want to drop that low. In the 3rd league (Primera Federacion) I would suggest Linares (Group 2) would be the same level of club.

Thank you. I'll take Linares into consideration :) 

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After being unable to pick a club, I decided to let the game pick for me.


SD Ponferradina


Information about the club:

Sociedad Deportiva Ponferradina was founded on 7 June 1922; 101 years ago. Ponferradina spent the vast majority of its professional years in the fourth and third divisions. In 1967, with the club in the former category, it achieved an historic 6–1 win against La Liga giants Real Madrid.

On 5 September 2000 El Toralin was inaugurated as the club's new grounds: the first game there was a friendly with Celta de Vigo. In 2006–07 Ponfe competed for the first time in the second level after knocking out Universidad Las Palmas and Alicante in the promotion play-offs, but would be immediately relegated back as third from the bottom.

The longest rivalry of SD Ponferradina is the province of León rivalry with Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa. However, the respective first teams of the two clubs haven't played each other since Ponferradina were promoted to the Segunda División and Cultural were relegated to Tercera División in 2010.


Whilst we’re in the third tier of Spain. I’ve set the attributes of Excellent, Good and Average to be the following:

GOOD: 11

I’ll be prioritising mentals and physicals whilst in the lower divisions. I also won’t be trying to make a club DNA/Personality culture in my staff. I’m only hoping to be here for a max of 3 seasons, so don’t see any point.

I won't be posting every player I sign (especially whilst in the lower tiers) and I'll be trying to get an update out every 3 in game months or so, alongside a general season overview.

First update to come tonight to meet some of our best players - and to show off my modified versions of the tactic. 

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  • Emozil changed the title to [FM24] – Emulating Emery – Club 1 - SD Ponferradina

Finally had time to do tweak the initial tactic mentioned above, and this is what I've come up with. 

Emery tends to play with 2 shapes at the moment, a 4-4-2 and a 4-3-3 (Recently  4-3-3 favoured) - He has also used a 3 at the back formation, but that seems to have been dropped as we haven't used it since September, and now just instruct Kamara (Half Back) to make a 3 man defence with the 2 Centre Backs.

With one wing back flying forward and the other tucking in, I've settled for this on the 4-4-2.


Next we have the 4-3-3. I'm unsure what I'll use more often. I guess it depends on the opposition. Same instructions. I may change the DLF to a more forward thinking role if we are struggling to create/score chances.


We have a more attacking version of the 4-4-2. Just a panic station tactic if we still need a goal later on.


Last but not least, we have our first signing of the save, and my first in FM24 Full Game. Meet Sala. He's not amazing, but I needed a striker and couldn't get anyone else as I start with no budget and already over on our wages. He joins on loan for the season.


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Some good news and some bad news

Lets start with the bad....

Sala is gone already!

Not how I wanted my first signing to go. But, I played him outside of his promised role for ONE match, and his manager kicked up a fuss and re called him immediately. I'd say often is a bit of a stretch. Played 5. Scored 1. Won't be missed. 


Now onto the good news...

10 games in - we're top of the league and unbeaten! - Hopefully this form continues the rest of the year. :) 

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As a big fan of the 4-4-2 I love the look of the tactic. Defiantly interested to see if it gets used and how it performs as I haven't personally had much luck in developing one lately.

Cracking start to the season, can't argue with that despite losing Sala.... Maybe that is a not so bad thing with such a Diva personality! :lol:

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10 hours ago, theBlackPrince said:

As a big fan of the 4-4-2 I love the look of the tactic. Defiantly interested to see if it gets used and how it performs as I haven't personally had much luck in developing one lately.

Cracking start to the season, can't argue with that despite losing Sala.... Maybe that is a not so bad thing with such a Diva personality! :lol:

I've used the 4-4-2 majority of games. Only thing I don't like about it so far is when the volante tries to pass it to the Right Mid it ALWAYS gets intercepted. Something to work on. Might have to change the Winger to a Wide Midfielder and tell him to sit in more. 

One thing I've noticed too, shoot on sight and very attacking together works like a charm if you need a late goal. Previous years it wouldn't do much!

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Just seen on Twitter that Unai Emery owns part of Real Union. His father and grandfather played for the club. He also grew up 3 miles from the stadium. I'm not restarting the save, but I think we have to end up there at some point, even if it's once we've accomplished everything else. Will keep a close eye on them on the save. 

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We're at the winter break! 

Our form has started to dip slightly, majority of that is due to us playing teams around us, but we have had the odd shock result in us like the draw with Gimnastic and the loss to Teruel. 

We drop to 2nd in the table. Deportivo battering us (scoreline doesn't reflect the match) seems to have knocked our confidence. Will switch to the 4-3-3 to see if that helps results before it ends in a freefall down the table. Pleased to be out the cup so early. Only the league to focus on now!


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WE ARE GOING UP!!!! 20231109152526_1.thumb.jpg.5ad4fd0d473cda06136deb81cb3c889b.jpg

I'll be honest. I'm unsure how at all. We tied both our play off games on aggregate but won due to higher seeding. Feel like we got lucky there but I will not complain. As you'll see based off our form I don't think we deserved it!


I switched to a 4-4-2 after the January window as I felt the half back x volante DM set up was giving us too much of a space in midfield for the opposition. I certainly need to tweak the tactic further for our time in the 2nd tier as if you look at how many goals we've been conceding, our defence is still a problem for us. 

If it wasn't for 41 year old club legend Yuri, we would be mid table!


Onto the summer now, once I've tweaked the tactic and know what I need I'll work on recruiting players. We have a decent budget to do it. So will be looking to see whos being released from the teams above us. 


Unfortunately, I am away from tomorrow through to Monday. So no updates over the weekend. Thank you to everyone thats viewed/commented so far. See you all next week!

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50 minutes ago, krkyseventwo said:

I'll be keeping an eye on this one. I've always been fascinated by Emery's coaching methods. There is a really good video on the Coaches' Voice website, with him talking about his Sevilla team that beat Liverpool 3-1 in the 2016 Europa League Final. He provides an in-depth look at how he wants to set up his teams.

Good luck! It appears you have made a good start. Always interesting to see Deportivo La Coruna pop up, a team I remember fondly around the millennium years.

Thanks for that. I'll give it a watch over the weekend and make some notes. I'm certainly going to have to be more counter attacking next season.

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15 hours ago, theBlackPrince said:

Congratulations on the slightly fortuitous promotion, but they all count! Fitting that Yuri was there to help get you over the line. 

Big squad rebuild coming?

Certainly needed! Frees and loans will be needed.  Will have to check who has a contract coming up in the summer

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Made some kits for S2, 2D and 3D. If anyone wants any making for their save, just let me know. :) (free of charge)386441013_717228356987424_3195743815659067612_n.png.93ee006a07bc68b593fcf633e1baa12d.png


This will be my main tactic for season two. Trying to find a happy middle ground of the 442 with 2 dms and 2 cm version I tried in the second half of last season. I felt both gave away too much space in midfield. I'm hoping that the DLP will help with that but still also be creative through the middle for us. I've added a PF to mirror Watkins, and added the HB back in to mirror Kamara. I've added WB attack for Cash as he tends to bomb forward whilst the right midfielder moves into the centre. 



It's a very defensive tactic . Instead of being a stronger team and going for a goal, I know we're limited ability wise in this league, so will shut up shop and try to grind out a win. I've dropped our Second Striker for another Midfielder here. 


Next update will be a recruitment update, it won't be every player, but it'll be the better first teamers. Aim for this season is to stay up (or not get sacked)

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2 hours ago, theBlackPrince said:

Love the kits, fantastic work! The 3rd kit is my personal fave!!

I had looked at that second formation for myself that 4-1-4--1 defensive, just haven't got around to needing it yet. Will be nice to see how good at stopping others from scoring and maybe closing out the games this will be!

Will let you know! if you want some kits for your save just let me know. More than happy to. 

Also thinking of a 343 too. Emery hasn't used it since September but I feel it'd help me this season against the bigger teams.

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 Slight change of thinking with the tactic, I've changed to a 4-3-3. 


Now to show off some of the better players. All on frees. Except for Fitz-Jim who is a loan. 

GK: Adrian Ortola


CB - Ilja Kutepov


Kian Fitz-Jim

Claude Goncalves


Aliyu Ibrahim. 

Wasn't my first choice. My first choice was another loanee but he can't play as he isn't being paid enough by his parent club. Stupid rule.


Fixture update to come when I get through enough to justify an update! Hopefully Monday :) 

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An unexpected update - we've moved clubs. 

We now find ourselves at Real Zaragoza.

Did better than expectations for our first season in the 2nd tier, but Zaragoza have 10x the budget we had (70k!) and they're a very big club. Aim is to get the club promoted to the top tier. We take them over in 12th place, so moving slightly down the table.

Below is our fixture run until the move. 




Onto our new adventure, will update on any January incomings. 

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  • Emozil changed the title to [FM24] – Emulating Emery – Club 2 - Real Zaragoza
50 minutes ago, DefinitelyTaylor said:

Looking forward to what is in store with Zaragoza. It has been a while since they played in the top-flight. Hopefully you can change that.

Thank you! Means a lot. Hoping to have an update out tonight :) 

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Three Signings in. 

First is Alexis Sanchez. Yes that one. He's not brilliant, and we didn't really need him. But it's just fun having him in the second tier. 


Next up is Cesar Fuentes. A solid DM for us on a free.


Last one is Hamza Rafia, who has already made himself a cult hero.... well even a legend! but more on that later. On a 6 month loan, but with his deal up at the end of the season, I'd like to bring him in on a permanent deal.


Now onto the fixtures and table. We've done fairly well. Find ourself just outside the playoffs. 



Some of the eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that last result.... Biggest win so far in the series. Next update to come at the end of the season. Aiming for play offs. Worst case we will be up there next season. 


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So, our cup run ended in annoying fashion..


The league on the other hand, not so much... 



Next update will be a tactical one. Currently battling what feels like a virus (hence the delay) so may be a while!


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So we actually ended up leaving Zaragoza a lot earlier than planned... I know it's going to be annoying being at my third club in three seasons, apologies. Feel like I'm the Managerial version of Michael Chopra at this point. :) 


Wasn't my plan to after such a great start to the season. But the Betis job become available, with them in 19th without a win. Budget of 50 million too and a much bigger club. Feel I'm more likely to achieve something long term here. I won't be leaving Betis until we win a European trophy. That's a promise. (Unless I get the sack!) - I've left Zaragoza in a much better place after only one season in charge. 

Here's the Zaragoza fixtures until I left (Girona was my last game)


Here are the Betis fixtures from when we joined until the end of the season. 



Much better than the start they had! Happy with how we finished the season even if Consistency was an issue towards the end. We finished in 13th. 


Next update will be the end of next season. Hoping for a top half finish. 


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  • Emozil changed the title to [FM24] – Emulating Emery – Club 3 - Real Betis

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