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[FM24] Hexagon Hijinks: Victor Oanase's Global Champions League Quest - Two Down, Four to Go


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The information provided in the story below is entirely fabricated and should not be considered factual or accurate in any way. Any resemblance to real individuals, events, places, or organizations is purely coincidental. This content is generated for entertainment and creative purposes and should not be used as a source of information, reference, or guidance. The content has been created through a combination of AI and my own brain.

Victor Oanase, a name etched forever in Port Vale's history, became an instant cult hero with one unforgettable performance.  In a Vale shirt, Victor's journey was short lived. One appearance, 62 minutes on the pitch, the only two things of note that he ever did were a near post flick with his head that scored the goal that relegated Stoke City from Division One and in the subsequent celebration/mele, a right hook to a member of the Stoke City coaching staff that put the unfortunate man on his back. This created the legendary terrace chant “When the ball hits the goal, and the manager falls, that's Oanase”.

The legacy lasts far longer than his time on the Potteries.

What is the idea of the save?

Central to this challenge is our manager Victor Oanase, A journeyman former footballer who had very much a chequered history will attempt to complete several different challenges within the save they are listed below.

The main part is the hexagon challenge – this is winning the Champions League on all 6 continents, BUT Victor is going to countries that have never won the Champions League before. So, Finland rather than France, Israel rather than Italy, etc, etc.

The save will be chronicled in season-long reviews from the viewpoint of a journalist called Matthew Clarke who is a Port Vale fan he is part of a Port Vale blog called “A Valiant Escape” and Oanase is a cult hero – for reasons explained above.  The updates will be one per season chronicling what has gone in the past, to give a flavour what's happened in the latest part of the journey for Oanase. Matthew hopes that one day he may get to spend some time with Victor, but Victor prefers the sword to the pen. That is a story for another day.

As a player, Victor very much did things differently. A person who played to his own beat, run to his own tune, or whatever cliche you want to use. Victor was that guy who was often on the wrong end of a misunderstanding or an argument, he fell out with most people along his journey that's why he had so many clubs in a short space of time, he was the archetypal person who could argue in an empty room.

We can define the other parts of this challenge by the acronym LSD – no, not the hallucinogenic drug Lysergic acid diethylamide (commonly known as LSD), although that is again with Victor, another story for another day. We are talking about Loyalty, Success, and Diversity.


  • Loyalty is Important - Victor never got this from his managers, but he wants to be the guy that takes players on the journey with him, can he get a player to play for him at 3,4,5,6 clubs?


  • Legendary Status in every Continent
  • Winning 30 Domestic Cups
  • Winning 20 Domestic League Titles

This means sticking around for some time, again not a Victor strength, but becoming a legend in each continent. Domestic domination whilst building a Champions League-winning side?


  • A player from every playable nation, playing, scoring, and getting man of the match.
  • 100 appearances from a player in every Continent
  • 100 goals from a player in every Continent

Football is a world game so bringing people together from around the globe to try and get these. There are 227 nations in the (playable) world of football, so there are many players to scrabble around and bring into this narrative. Some will play a little, some will play a lot, so there is something for everyone here.

Capable of doing amazing things and things of sheer stupidity. One of his former wives, of which there have been a few, described him as “not a bad boy, just someone who made bad decisions”.

Is this challenge just another of Victor’s bad decisions? Time will tell.

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The Cast...

Victor Oanase

  • Date of Birth: January 15, 1975
  • Nationality: Dutch and Surinamese
  • Playing Position: Midfielder
  • Early Career: Victor Oanase was born in Paramaribo, Suriname, in 1975. He moved to the Netherlands at a young age and developed a passion for football. He began his youth career with a local club in Rotterdam, where his family had settled. As a teenager, he caught the attention of scouts and was signed by a top-flight Dutch side, FC Groningen, in 1992.
  • FC Groningen (1992-1995): Although he showed promise in the youth teams, Victor never made it to the first team at FC Groningen and was released in 1995.
  • What followed was a nomadic career that took him across several continents and numerous clubs, but he never quite settled at any top-tier club. His journey saw him playing for 14 different clubs in various countries, as he searched for the right fit and the opportunity to shine.

Clubs (in chronological order):

  1. FC Groningen (1992-1995)
  2. TSV 1860 Rosenheim (1995-1996)
  3. Atlas Guadalajara (1996-1998)
  4. Port Vale FC (1998)
  5. Chonburi FC (1998-1999)
  6. Halmstads BK (1999-2000)
  7. Bloemfontein Celtic FC (2000-2001)
  8. Shenyang Dongjin (2001)
  9. SV Mattersburg (2001-2002)
  10. Shillong Lajong FC (2002-2003)
  11. Bohemians 1905 (2003)
  12. Al-Khaleej Club (2003-2004)
  13. Universitario de Sucre (2004)
  14. Degerfors IF (2004)
  • During his career, Victor Oanase played nearly 300 professional matches, showcasing his versatility as a midfielder. However, his frequent transfers prevented him from establishing a long-term connection with any particular club.
  • Retirement and Transition: In 2004, at the age of 29, Victor Oanase decided to retire from professional football. He returned to his roots in Suriname and transitioned into a scouting role for one of the top clubs in the country, S.V. Robinhood. During this period, he used his vast experience in football to identify and nurture young talents.
  • Managerial Aspirations: After several years of scouting and mentoring young players, Victor Oanase decided to take the next step in his football journey. He pursued coaching qualifications and began managing youth teams at S.V. Robinhood. His goal was to cut his managerial teeth and eventually work his way up to coaching at the senior level, with dreams of one day leading the Surinamese national team to success on the international stage.
  • Victor Oanase's career, though characterized by its nomadic nature, exemplified his unwavering passion for football and his dedication to contributing to the sport even after hanging up his boots.

Matthew Clarke

  • Occupation: Journalist
  • Location: Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • Matthew Clarke is a seasoned journalist based in Stoke-on-Trent, a city known for its rich footballing heritage. Born and raised in this football-crazy town, Matthew's passion for the sport runs deep, and he has made a name for himself as one of the go-to journalists for all things related to football.
  • Matthew holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism from a prestigious university, where he honed his writing and reporting skills. His coursework included sports journalism, which fueled his ambition to cover the beautiful game professionally.
  • A Valiant Escape Blog: Matthew is a prominent contributor to the "A Valiant Escape" blog, a popular online platform dedicated to football. His insightful articles and in-depth analysis have earned him a dedicated following among fans of the sport.
  • Local Newspaper: Before venturing into online journalism, Matthew gained valuable experience working for a local newspaper in Stoke-on-Trent. He covered various local events and gained a reputation for his meticulous research and compelling storytelling.
  • Football Correspondent: Matthew's reporting on football has been a highlight of his career. He has had the privilege of interviewing football legends, managers, and players, providing fans with exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes stories.
  • Aside from his love for football, Matthew is a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys exploring Stoke-on-Trent's culinary scene. He's also a collector of vintage football memorabilia and enjoys attending local music gigs in his spare time.
  • Matthew is known for his friendly and approachable demeanor. He takes great pride in being a part of the Stoke-on-Trent community and values the connections he has forged with fellow football enthusiasts over the years.
  • Matthew loves Victor and the memory of his solitary game lives long. One day he may meet his hero, but should you ever meet your heroes?
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Reserved for Achievements - as of the end of Season Six



Honours List:

Oceanic Champions League: 2025,2026,2027

Premier Division: 2024,2026,2027
FA Cup: 2024,2025,2026
Battle of the Giants: 2024,2026,2027
Inter-District Championship: 2024,2026,2027
Champions v Champions : 2025,2026,2027

Nations Achieved

  1. Fiji
  2. Tuvalu
  3. Solomon Islands
  4. Papua New Guinea
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Tonga
  7. Tahiti
  8. Congo
  9. Vanuatu
  10. French Guiana
  11. New Caledonia
  12. Samoa
  13. Mozambique
  14. Panama
  15. Zambia
  16. Cook Islands
  17. Vietnam
  18. Senegal
  19. American Samoa
  20. New Zealand
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The Valiant Escape - September 2023

My dear Valiants, you will remember the name of Victor Oanase. If not you'll certainly remember THE match. It's been talked about so much it would be futile to run through it again. I've taken it upon myself to try and track him down for the Valiant Escape pages but sadly have so far drawn a blank. All I can tell you is that he is in Fiji. I've found the below article in the Fiji Breeze Tribune from September of last year which shows our man still exists. I've tried all known forms of communication to try and speak to him, or even find out if he is still there.. So far I've ran a blank.

"Victor Oanase's Rakiraki Soars to Promotion in First Season

In a surprising turn of events, Victor Oanase's Rakiraki team defied the odds and clinched promotion to the Fijian top flight in their very first season in the Vodafone Senior League - Viti Levu Zone. The journeyman footballer turned manager worked his magic, taking his side from a strong start to a nerve-wracking finish in a rollercoaster debut campaign. The Rakiraki squad, previously an underdog in the league, showed immense character and determination under Oanase's guidance. They kicked off the season with gusto, catching the attention of fans and pundits alike with their exhilarating performances. However, the team's form fluctuated over the course of the season, creating nail-biting moments for the Rakiraki faithful.

Ultimately, it was in the playoffs where Rakiraki truly shone. They won a staggering five out of six playoff matches, displaying resilience and composure when it mattered most. This impressive feat secured their place in the upper echelons of Fijian football.



Sikeli Sagatoro was undoubtedly the shining star of Rakiraki's campaign. At just 21 years old, Sagatoro displayed incredible versatility by excelling both as an attacking midfielder and a striker. His prolific goal-scoring form with 12 goals was instrumental in the team's promotion. 10 of the goals were in the last 9 games of the season - he scored and broke a toe on his debut so it could have been even better. His strike partner Vishal Nair topped the charts with 13 goals - at a more sedate pace - across the season rather than loaded on either end.


Vilive Naulalevu had a standout season as FIji's reliable defender. Often the sole experienced defender, he shone brightly. His performance against Northland Tailevu, where he scored, played exceptionally, and earned Man of the Match, epitomized his crucial role in the team's success. Impressive season overall. This ticked off Fiji as the first nation, with Mau Penisula ticking off Tuvalu later in the season

Victor Oanase's debut season as manager has certainly left an indelible mark on the Fijian football scene. The supporters of Rakiraki can now look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as they make their mark in the top flight."

So My Valients, this is all I've found on that world wide web about Victor - that is printable... I will keep searching.

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Well, my fellow Valients. It's been about 12 months since we last checked in on our great hero Victor Oanase. But where has he been? Knowing Victor, there are plenty of places.

I've been able to find a season preview for Rakiraki ahead of their season in the Fijian Super League

As the Fijian football season kicks off, all eyes are on Rakiraki as they make their debut at the top level of Fijian football in the Fijian Super League. Promoted from the second tier, Rakiraki faces the daunting task of competing in four major competitions this season: the Fijian Super League, the Fijian FA Cup, the Fijian Battle of the Giants, and the Fijian Interdistrict Championship. The team's journey into uncharted territory is met with both excitement and apprehension.

Rakiraki FC enters the Fijian Super League season as heavy underdogs, with bookmakers offering odds of 800-1 for them to win the league title. Despite their promotion, many pundits have already labelled them as favourites for relegation. The odds may be stacked against them, but this newly promoted team is determined to prove the doubters wrong.

One of the biggest challenges facing Rakiraki, this season is the departure of several key performers from last season. Savenaca Adronu, a dependable left-back, has left the club, leaving a void in the defensive line. Elvis Raju, who provided depth as a reserve striker, has also departed. The team will miss the services of Saimoni Nabogi, their first-choice goalkeeper, and the experience of Ronald Dutt, a veteran midfielder. Additionally, Mau Penisula, the Tuvalu right midfielder, has retired.

Rakiraki FC has been active in the transfer market to address these departures and bolster their squad, bringing in a mix of experienced players and promising talents. From overseas, Stephen Kwaite'e from the Solomon Islands joins as a striker, as does Sylvain Worworbu, from Vanuatu, and Taia Tamerua, from Kiribati, and they hope to add attacking options in the final third. Lester James, hailing from Micronesia, strengthens the centre of the defence. Oanase hopes these players can complete the trifactor of Playing, Scoring and Getting the MoTM award.

From closer to home, Epeli Loaniceva, an experienced goalkeeper, provides stability in the back and will compete with Jason Rokovucake, a young and promising shot-stopper.


Defensively, Vilimone Baleilevuka, a veteran left-back, will provide experience in the backline, Asaeli Tunidau will provide additional stability as a centre-back. In midfield, Atunaisa Livanalagi, a physical winger, adds a dynamic presence on the left, similarly on the right, Abdul Farid provides that service, and in the centre, Oanase can now call upon, Leisari Qalica, Ratu Simione Rage or Amena Bolaitamana to provide defensive cover for the wide boys. who can be a creative force and Samuela Gavo, versatile in both the right-wing and striker positions. Malakai Rere, on loan from Ba, brings promise and potential to the squad.

Scott Lal-Warra

Predictive Finish: 8th


Next up in the treasure trove of Google (and other search engines...) SHOCK HORROR!!! Victor is on the move!!

Ba FC Welcomes Victor Oanase as New Manager on Two-Year Deal

In a major development in Fijian football, Ba, has announced the appointment of Victor Oanase as their new manager. Oanase joins Ba after a successful stint with Rakiraki, where he guided the team to a commendable third position in the Fijian Super League after five games. The coach has signed a two-year deal with Ba FC, signalling a new era for the club. During his time at Rakiraki, Victor Oanase has become a sought-after figure in Fijian football, as he guided the part-timers into the Super League via the Play-Offs last season, in 22 games with a 59%-win percentage.

Speaking about his move to Ba, Victor Oanase expressed his excitement about the challenge of positioning the club within the Champions League picture by the end of the season, even though they sit in the relegation zone after 6 games. He said "They approached me, they chose me, they needed me. When challenge phones, I answer. I am an ambitious person, and I want to be competing in the Champions League, I will be disappointed if this doesn’t happen this season”.

Under Oanase's leadership this season, Rakiraki has made a strong start with a number of good results, including a 4-0 win over Labasa, and a 3-0 win over his new employers. Victor was also able to tick off the Solomon Islands as Stephen Kwaite’e scored a double against Labasa, taking home the MoTM award in the process. Sylvain Worworbu, who scored an impressive four goals in as many games before making the decision to move back to Vanuatu, however never got the MoTM so Vanuatu is still up for grabs.

As Rakiraki FC embarks on their first season at this level, they face an uphill battle to prove their worth. The departure of key players has been a setback, but the club's proactive approach in the transfer market shows their commitment to compete at the top level. While they may be favourites for relegation, they are determined to embrace the challenges and seize the opportunities that come their way. The journey is uncertain, but it promises to be a season filled with excitement and anticipation as Rakiraki FC strives to make their mark in Fijian football

and finally a look back on how that season ended for Ba.

Ba FC's Rollercoaster Season: Near Misses, Glorious Victories, and Struggles Aplenty

Ba’s 2023 season was a rollercoaster ride filled with highs and lows, as the Fijian side battled through a series of competitions and welcomed new talents into their squad. While they managed to secure some notable achievements, they also faced their fair share of setbacks, leaving fans with mixed emotions at the end of the campaign.

In the league, Ba FC managed to finish third, narrowly missing out on the top spot. It was a commendable effort, especially considering their position at the bottom of the table earlier in the season. However, going into the final day, a victory and results going their way would have meant the title or even an OCL spot. Ultimately a draw meant that they missed out on all.

One silver lining of the season was Ba FC's victory in the Fijian Inter-District Championship. This triumph, which came at the end of the season, showcased their potential as several of the fringe youngsters were given opportunities to show what they could do. However, despite individual successes, Ba FC faced several disappointments in major tournaments. In the FA Cup, they were knocked out in the semi-finals by Lautoka, and a similar fate awaited them in the Battle of the Giants, where they fell to Rewa in the semi-finals, ultimately losing on penalties.

In terms of Victor’s self-imposed challenges.. 2 nations were completed – Papua New Guinean Raymond Gunemba, who has now retired from professional football at the tender age of 37, and Nicaraguan Centre Back Cristian Gutierrez. Gutierrez got the deciding goal in the semi-finals of the Fijian Inter-District Championship.

MJ Faoa-Danielson, an American Samoan striker, was another noteworthy addition to the squad, joining from Ilaoa & To'omata, he however has so far fired on all cylinders so this is a nation that is still to be completed.

Victor raided Rakiraki and pouched young stopper Jason Rokovucake, and he became the first person to play for Victor at 2 clubs. The star man was Kini Madigi, the right-winger who managed two goals and provided eight assists. However, questions lingered about whether his performances alone were enough to carry the team to glory.

This Ba squad is expensively assembled, and questions need answering as to the future of some of them. Or to quote Victor Oanase directly when speaking at a fan’s forum – “You can’t polish turds, you flush them away. We have far too many turds that are blocking the pipes. Fortunately, I know a plumber”.

In the end, Ba FC's season was a mixed bag of successes and shortcomings. The frustration expressed by the unnamed source in the closing quote suggests that the club has high expectations and aspirations, but there's a need to address the issues within the squad to turn those aspirations into reality. With the right adjustments and continued efforts, Ba FC could be well on their way to fulfilling their trophy-winning ambitions in the seasons to come.


It certainly sounds like Victor is getting his teeth into things in Fiji - what will the next 12 months have in stall? Find out next time!

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Hello my Valients, it looks like our hero, Victor Oanase, has had a successful 12 months in Fiji. I've been able to find the usual end-of-season review piece, this time from Fiji's version of 4-4-2 - inventively called "Fiji 442"

Ba FC embarked on a roller-coaster journey this season that saw them rise above the odds, making headlines not only for their on-field heroics but also for their significant player departures. In a season where departures outnumbered takeoffs at Manchester Airport, Ba FC managed to conquer the odds and emerge as champions. The season kicked off with a flurry of player exits, leaving many wondering how the team would cope with such a mass exodus.

However, amidst the departures, Ba FC managed to secure a trio of promising talents, headlined by Marius Kago, a French Guinean Centre Back with three full international caps. Thomas Dunn, a Fijian Centre Mid, and Hemaloto Polovili, a Tongan Striker, joining.


Dunn had a very good year, 3 goals, 2 assists from the DM position, and an average rating of 7, he was also capped 10 times for the national side. At only 21 he will improve.

Hemaloto Polovili's journey with the team had a rocky start, but he soon made a remarkable turnaround by achieving the Oanase Trifector in just his fifth game. He peaked here and was rarely seen again.

The Fijian football league proved to be a tough nut to crack, with just 14 games to secure glory. A couple of poor results could make a massive difference, and draws against Lautoka and Nadi put immense pressure on the team. However, Ba FC's resilience and determination were evident as they soldiered on.

In May, the club secured Oanase to a one-year contract extension.

The signing of Sairusi Nalaubu, who had an impressive record of 10 goals in 19 appearances for the Fiji national side, proved to be pivotal in bolstering the attacking prowess of the team. The signing of Nalaubu, alongside Roonui Tehau, the Tahitian Attacking Midfielder, and Destaing Sikoula, the Congolese Striker, proved to be valuable additions and were seen by most experts as statements of intent. Their contributions played a pivotal role in securing victory in the Battle of the Giants Cup, with Ba FC defeating Rakiraki 2-0 in the final.

The Fijian FA Cup journey was nothing short of a nail-biter. Ba FC faced a daunting task when they found themselves trailing 3-0 at halftime against Lautoka in the semifinals. However, their remarkable comeback, clinching a 4-3 victory after extra time, left fans in awe.

In the transfer market, Ba FC also made strategic moves, including the sale of Faazil Ali and Malakai Rere to Suva, bolstering their finances and team strength.

The league title race went down to the wire, and Ba FC had to better the result of Navua on the final day of the season. It was Destaing Sikoula who emerged as the hero with a double that secured victory. In a twist of fate, Navua stumbled, leading to Ba FC being crowned champions.

In a season marked by adversity, departures, and nail-biting moments, Ba FC showcased their indomitable spirit and resilience. They proved that it's not just about the departures, but also about the arrivals and the unwavering determination to achieve success. The championship win was a fitting reward for their hard work and perseverance, cementing their legacy as one of Fiji's football giants. Ba FC fans will savour this triumph for years to come, a testament to their unwavering support and belief in their beloved club.


In the end-of-season Inter-District Championship, it was the youth that stole the show, Carter Taverner, a 15-year-old Attacking centre-mid, scored a double on debut. Claude Aru, a Vanuatan Defensive Mid, struck the vital penalty in a MoTM performance to get Ba to the final, he completed the trifecta for the nation too. Ultimately the campaign ended in defeat in the final, but 3 out of 4 trophies is pretty good for most, but maybe not for the manager.


The final word, as it often is, is left for Victor - when asked if he was happy with the success he achieved this season - "No, we've delivered expectation. When you cook toast, you don't celebrate when the toaster pops do you? The toaster did its job. And that is all. We are pleased to be in the O-League next year. Success in that direction is what we want"

Perhaps the most interesting development in the last 12 months has been the fact that Victor hasn't seemingly fallen out with anyone or moved to a new club! He seems optimistic about the Oceanic Champions League. So are we.

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A tale of two halves

A strong start, a poor finish

Two in the bush is worth one in the beak

Whatever tired cliché you want to use this was what Victor has had to deal with. A treble and then nearly losing his job.

Before we start the actual season, this snippet from the "Ba Boys" Blog, previews the new additions from last year.

The club has made significant changes with the introduction of several new signings in various positions. Rusiate Khan, an 18-year-old central defender from Suva, joins the squad, along with Mohammed Alam, a 24-year-old goalkeeper from Rewa who is recognized as Fiji's top choice in goalkeeping. Inoke Turagalailai, a 22-year-old central defender from Suva, was acquired for an initial fee of £10,000, potentially rising to £45,000. Lionel Thanaena, a 23-year-old striker from New Caledonia, adds firepower to the front line, while 17-year-old Viliame Chandra comes in as a right-back from Nadroga. Jarvis Filimalae, a 21-year-old striker from Samoa, and Carlos Junior, an 18-year-old central defender from Mozambique, further bolster the squad. Kevin Dutt, a 19-year-old striker from Navua, completes the list of new signings.


Additionally, former player Mau Penisula has rejoined the club as a scout, demonstrating his loyalty.

However, it's worth noting that the signing of the new goalkeeper, Mohammed Alam, led to a significant dispute with last season's number one, Isikeli Kumar.

For the positives we will look at this news article from the Fijian Football Chronicle:

"Ba win Champions League for the First Time!

Our heroes, the Men in Black, were victorious in the Oceanic Champions League and in doing so became the first Fijian side to claim that honour. Normally a New Zealand strong hold, they had to squeeze past both Kiwi sides.

In the group were holders Birkenhead from New Zealand, AS Venus from Tahiti, and Tafea from Vanuatu, however Ba managed to qualify as the top teams in their group, with a draw against Birkenhead and victories in the other two games. The Quarter Finals saw a trip to the Solomon Islands, which resulted in a routine victory. The mighty force of Auckland City - a side that has won the trophy more times than anyone else - and after the leg in Auckland, the hosts were 2 goals to the good. HOWEVER, this Ba side are made of strong stuff, thanks to goals from Roonui Tehau (a DOUBLE) and one from Destaing Sikoula secured the most fantastic turn-around.

The final was a much calmer affair (lol...)  - Sairusi Nalaubu gave Ba a 31st-minute lead, but they were pegged back a minute later. The match went into extra time and eventually to penalties, where Ba emerged victorious with a 5-4 scoreline, securing their first Champions League title.

Following their victory, Ba entered the Club World Championships and faced Keonbuk Hyundai Motors from South Korea in the Preliminary Round. Unfortunately, they lost 3-2 after extra time but gained £200,000 from their adventure to the far east.

Alas, the negative angle…

Ba's season was a mixed bag of results and performances. While they secured a commendable second-place finish in the Premier League, their journey in the Battle of the Giants and the Inter-District Championships was halted in the semi-finals. One noticeable pattern was Ba's difficulty in overcoming Navua, as they faced them five times and only managed to secure one victory, which was in the final of the FA Cup. Navua's triumph in the league by a narrow two-point margin underscores their competitiveness.

Ba were favourites and looking at their squad, they would be very disappointed to finish as low as they did. Navua outperformed them at nearly every opportunity.

The primary issue for Ba during the season was their struggles in front of goal. Despite Destaing Sikoula's impressive tally of 18 goals, the team often found it challenging to score enough to win matches, resulting in five draws out of 14 games. On a brighter note, Sairusi Nalaubu, the right winger and Fijian international, had a stellar season, sweeping up the Player of the Year awards.

One promising development was the emergence of academy graduate Carter Taverner, who was named the young player of the year. His standout moment was a memorable hat-trick against Nasinu in the Battle of the Giants Group Stage.

To address the goal-scoring issue, Ba has made an important acquisition in Fijian Malakai Love-Semira, who comes with experience from Australian Football. His two goals in the last league game of the season have raised hopes for an improved attacking performance in the upcoming season, giving Ba supporters reasons to be optimistic.


Why is he still in Fiji? Well taking this quote from his chairman – “Currently we see Victor as one of our Favourite People, not yet an Icon and certainly has a lot of work to do before we consider him a Legend”. Victor’s response? Not printable.

It seems like Victor might be close to falling out with someone. Consider the fact he has been in Fiji for 4 whole seasons now, it does seem overdue. 

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  • KibworthBull changed the title to Hexagon Hijinks: Victor Oanase's Global Champions League Quest - One Down, Five to Go

When we last looked in on Victor, he had won his first Champions League but then suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes - or a few too many draws - and finished 2nd in the Fijian Premier League.

Well, I have news, dear reader...

He bounced back.

In some style.

Before that revelation, I found a bit of a preview piece which explains a bit about the transfer dealings before the 2026 season:


"New Blood as Oanase backs his Ba boys to bounce back, Nadi Defensive Midfielder Tavita Lal has joined for an initial fee of £10k, which could rise to £38k if Lal achieves everything that Oanase hopes he can - Tavita has a couple of seasons of experience at this level and was known to be looking for a bigger club. He joins Cook Islands international Maro Bonsu-Maro at the club. Maro is a Kiwi dual national who can play on the right-hand side or as a lone striker.

Both Cristian Gutierrez and Marius Kago have been released after their contracts have expired, the gap has been filled with Joshua Makeche, a Zambian Centre Back who his national side has already capped.

Finally, bolstered the Ba's Reserve and Development side are Chris Suldan, an 18yr old midfielder from Micronesia and Simon Kumar, a 20-year-old defender from Kiribati"


Absolute dominance.

 That’s how you can describe the season that has just finished for Ba. 7 trophies. Across the season only 2 defeats – ironically these were against the sides that finished bottom and 2nd bottom in the league – but that’s an aside.

Icki Lal from the Men in Black Supporters Group can provide this summary:

Where do you start! Keeper? Okay. Mohammed Alam is just dependable, a calming presence at the back. Fiji’s No.1. 7 clean sheets in the first 7 games meant that the league title was all but won at the half-way stage. In total in the league, we conceded 6 goals – less than 0.5 per game.

Before the opposition got to the goal, they had to get past the cosmopolitan defence -  Left Back, Nguyen Phong Hong Duy (Vietnam), Right Back, Eduardo Anderson (Panama), and Centre Halves, Carlos Júnior (Mozambique) and Joshua Makeche (Zambia) are an incredible force – power, pace, strength, technical ability. All 4 are regular at the international level and all could be considered too good for the level. This quartet have kept the locals out of the side – Centre Half, Inoke Turagalailai, Left Back, Abdul Lal and all-around option Rusiate Khan would walk into most sides first elevens. Out wide on the left, Jope Lal had a decent year – 7 assists, and 2 goals from 36 games, but he was outperformed by the right-wing play of Cook Islander Maro Bonsu-Maro, his 7 goals, and 6 assists were a real highlight. Bonsu-Maro kept local lad Sairusi Nalaubu in reserve – but he still managed 5 goals, and 5 assists from 18 appearances. These goal contributions paled into insignificance when compared to what the front players did. Destaing Sikoula went to Saudi Arabia after the OCL was secured – he got 14 in 22, the fact that his departure was barely noticed was because two local Fijians just went mental. Kevin Dutt 21 in 28, and Malakai Love-Semira, got 39 in 36.

Solid Defence, Creative Wingers, Insane Strikers.

Probably the only weakness in the side – the Defensive Midfielders. Granted they probably have very little to do as the back 4 are all very good with the ball at their feet for distribution and don’t let anything past them. Mosese Lal, Tevita Lal, Thomas Dunn, and Kiwi, Jake Debenham were all rotated but none shone. The club has high hopes for Mohammed Ram, at 17, he has plenty of time on his hands to progress, he made 6 appearances this year, and the hope is he can cement his place in the squad next year.

This squad doesn’t need much, and it’s probably questionable what more Oanase can achieve in Fiji. The man himself has talked about being seen as a Legend by the faithful – despite his success, I don’t think we the fans have truly warmed to his approach yet. We like him as a person but he certainly isn’t an Icon or Legend yet. He has also talked about becoming the most successful manager in the contentint – a Kiwi newspaper attributed points to trophies and worked out that he is 2nd on the Hall of Fame behind the legendary Auckland City manager Ramon Tribulietx who won 7 straight OCLs.

 World clubs with bigger reputations will be keeping keen eyes on the squad. We lost Sikoula and Love-Semira was courted by the same side at the same sort of time. He has 1 year left on his deal and at 23 might be thinking about going bigger before returning home later in his career. With the financial resources and Oanase’s love for obscure nations, there is confidence that any players are replaceable.


So it looks like Victor has a couple of missions left in Fiji:

  1. Become the greatest manager in the Continent
  2. Become a Club Legend of Ba

It may take him a couple of seasons, or maybe longer, but Victor is more than happy to kick back and keep winning!

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Hey. Me again. It's that time to look in on Victor and scour the t'internet and establish what he's been doing in Fiji.

Last season was 7 trophies, so how do you improve on perfection?

By winning 6 trophies, making it an in-perfection.

The following is the Season Preview from the Ba Gazette:

"Minimal changes for Ba, as they look to win all 7 trophies available for them for a 2nd season in a row. Incoming is Jermaine Sione, an American Samoan striker who was recommended by MJ-Foao Danielson, and we hope that he is a little more successful than MJ was!.

And that's it...

In the out tray, Roonui Tehau has joined Suva, Peceli Sukabula (Nadi), Rahul Naresh (Lautoka), and Kiniviliame Prasad (Northland). Also Jason Rokovucake has retired.

Ba, are favourites for everything, and with the strongest squad in the nation, it will be an embarrassment for Victor if he doesn't win all 7".

It wasn't all plain sailing as the Fijian FA Cup proved, this article from the Gazette again.

"Revenge is a dish, best served cold. Rakiraki dealt the hammer blow to Victor's 7 attempts, just 3 days after they secured the OCL for a third straight year, Sikeli Sagatoro, a player that Victor picked every week was the man that ended the hopes with a well-placed finish, late in the 2nd half"

The rest was plain sailing. There's no real other way of saying it. So the Fijian Media didn't...


In other developments.

Victor ticked off 3 more nations.

  • American Samoa - this one took 52 games across 2 players
  • New Zealand, a quicker one, took 49 games and was achieved by midfielder Jake Debenham
  • Senegal - late-season addition, Yero Gallas scored on his debut and ticked off the African nation straight away.

Everything else appears to be as you were. Malakai Love-Semira scored his 74th and last goal for the club at the end of the campaign and has moved to Australia for a higher grade of football.


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I'll be honest... the season updates aren't working. I keep missing stuff. 

So will update as I play.

Rather than review the past season in Fiji, i will give a holistic update.

We won 6 of the 7 trophies but lost the Champions League final 1-0.

My time in Fiji is at an end. We've dominated, Ba have turned professional and have over a £1m in the bank. No other club is consistently close to us. I am still 2nd in the Oceanic Hall of Fame but as it's not an official part of the season, I am okay with that. I can always jump back in if needed later. I'll be playing this one for a while.


I haven't finished with Oceania as I have some more nations to tick off. 10% of the world is complete, but 3 nations in the continent still need to be mastered.

  1. Micronesia
  2. Kiribati
  3. Wallis and Futuna - very tricky this one, there is no league, and only 1 player in the game

I will only be able to complete these 3 if I am playing in one of the nations, I've done Kiribati in the past (who hasn't eh...) so it'll be Micronesia next.


Nothing else in the challenge is close to being complete


I will return when I have a new club.

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March 2029

Being appointed 4 days before the start of the season was fun. Massively under-prepared. And I can't bring in any Kiribatians or Wallisans until July. 

Heavy defeat, Big victory..


Australian Xavier Davis becomes nation #25 with a debut double. An unexpected bonus to have a new nationality in the squad.


Next game, and nation #26 - the reason we are here - Micronesia!


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April 2029

The waiting game. 4 months until July. And the next nation.

On the pitch, it's not exactly on fire just yet. The board wants the top 2, which is increasingly looking optimistic.


Off the pitch, the door has started to revolve - removing the trash that autogenerates


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May and June 2029

It's hard to get across just how dreadful our side is. We have 3 matches until we can strengthen. It may not be enough. All I need is a Kiribatian and if I get sacked I can move onto another continent. The Wallis guy doesn't want to know.

Rocky James' penalty could be massive, and it could give me enough time to scout as much of the national team as I can to get players in in July.


Back to back victories mean we are 5th with 4 to play. 


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July 2029

New blood... Kiribatian Blood.

Orchard and Holland are international strikers for Kiribati. Kumar is a centre-back and a former player. Suldan is Micronesian as are the others listed.


One match this month. Our first attempt at getting Kiribati off our backs.


A goal but not enough. 3 more attempts this season.

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16 hours ago, Vakama2619 said:

Mind I ask why you decided to make the jump to Micronesia, particularly given it doesn't have OFC CL Qualification

I'm more likely to tick off Kiribati, Micronesia and Wallis & Futuna in a lower grade of football (Micronesia) compared to Fiji.

Thankfully I've won the Oceanic Champions League so don't need to worry about that one again.

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August 2029

After much soul searching, angry words, and frankly, bribery... 

The only Wallis and Futuna national in the database has joined the club!!


He goes straight into the side, on penalties and free kicks until he gets the MoTM!

He makes his debut against Gagil but is upset I didn't bring a compatriot into the club - never change FM....

All of the Oceania nations have played for me in the save now.

3 goals from Kiribatians but not enough to get the champagne.


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March 2030

We are still employed. And the board appeared quite happy with me. It seems to reset at the end of the season which is nice.

We've improved our Kiribatian options.

Geordan Wall will play on the left of midfield and I have high hopes. We also have a Defensive Midfield back-up option. So 5 Kiribatians. And a Sri Lankan.


One major departure. Our Wallis and Futunan have moved to the top flight of Micronesia


2 goals for Kiribatian Lewis Orchard on the opening day... could he? No... the Centre Back Johnson gets MoTM for 1 assist and a load of headers

With Ioane Jim in such impressive form, we hit the top of the tree but the Kiribatians are not getting the nods. 


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April 2030

And just like that...

Lewis Orchard gets a double and he pops the champagne cork and the job in Oceania is complete. All 15 nations, played, scored and man of the match. Only took 9 seasons. Just a small matter of 200 more nations...



Well placed after 6 games.


I've already started applying for jobs in Africa. My next destination.

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May 2030

Short Term Goals:

  • Add a 5th League Title to my collection
  • Find a job in Africa. I don't plan to be in Micronesia next year

Let's move with the league title, victory over Nimgil Youth puts us 6 clear at the halfway mark. Ioane Jim and Jordan Torres are goal machines for this level, and between them we are able to increase the gap to 8 points by the end of the month.


The transfer window opens in July so we might be able to sneak a nation or two in before we depart for different shores. It'll only be 3 games but we only need 1 game to tick off a nation.


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July 2030

Fresh legs. Both are from North America.

Frey is from St Pierre & Miquelon whilst Ribeiro is from Saint Barthélemy. Both are considered key players in the national side.



One match to worry ourselves about


The late winner secured the title, my 5th of the save. I've had tougher campaigns.

When the campaign finishes I am off to Angola


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August and September 2030

There goes the unbeaten season. It does not matter 1 jot though.


The focus wasn't on winning the last few games. It was trying to tick off a nation or two. That didn't work.


It's time to leave the Oceanic region and get to Africa


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The rest of September 2030...

Straight into matches. I am the only member of staff. I don't like the responsibility

Game 1 was the Victoria do Bie draw. 8 points from 5 games and we are clawing the gap back from the relegation zone as I desperately try and find some staff that want to join me. Fortunato Dias is the only player recruited. A 16yr old striker. On paper (well screen...) looks as good as what I had.

Yamba Gomes ticks off Angola as nation #29, with his treble against OGC Dom Bosco.


We are now level with the pack


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October 2030

The game is difficult with NO staff. Thankfully through the month a Goalkeeping coach and a Director of Football were hired, but it's still very slim pickings. And tricky to understand what is good and what isn't.

The only thing that is going to matter? After 34 games, being 15th or higher.

The front office is a revolving door as players depart and new ones come in - the joy of non-contracts is that most transfer windows don't apply. A new keeper and a new right winger came on board.

On reflection a decent month - 5 points.


Ahead of the line. Just


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November 2030

We've got 44 players, which feels excessive, so 7 are told they have no future and leave. The vice captain is one who departs - barely a footballer based on what I've seen in the past two months.

The group is fighting like beavers for the badge, it is fantastic to see, the limbs when Yamba dos Santos bundled home a 95th-minute winner against Ismael Futebol Clube

We bring in our first foreigner - Renato is a Brazilian LB/CD who has been with another 3rd tier side for the past few years. His debut against Cabinda Sport Clube ensures that we've had a player from every continent play for us now. Bartolomeu Gonçalves got the winner - a player who appears to get injured every time he trains.


Fantastic Month

We now sit 7 clear of the drop. 11 matches left.


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December 2030

A major moment. A rare moment.

Two nations ticked off in one game!

The back story - Renato gets MoTM in the draw at Norberto de Castro - a game we probably should have won.

However, in the Futebol Clube Onze Bravos do Calundo match, he scored (so Brazil became #30) and so did Moussa Djama - a new Djiboutian striker, who got the MoTM award - so became #31

We were supposed to play the league leaders at the end of the month but the rain put paid to that.


10 pts clear with a game in hand. 8 games left.


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  • KibworthBull changed the title to [FM24] Hexagon Hijinks: Victor Oanase's Global Champions League Quest - One Down, Five to Go

January 2031

This version of the new game is so quick... already into 2031...

Two solid results against sides around us in the table all but secure our place in the 3rd tier next season, Moussa Djama is doing the business,  before we travel to the league leaders - without Bigger Menga who his parent club has recalled as I never played him as a poacher.

We lost our keeper to injury in the 32nd minute and our untried 17yr old replacement debutant did himself proud in the defeat. The rest of the month shows what can happen without a good keeper.


We've done enough for survival unless I am missing something very bad... 31 points is the magic number


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February 2031

Our first season in Angola is complete. Safety was needed and that is what has been delivered.

We stopped the rot of defeats (4 on the trot) against the side in 2nd with a draw, and then a final day win against Kafanda - who were relegated. Joao Paulo is a 17 year old left winger that has done well in the U19s this year. This was his debut.


Safe by 16 points but a million, billion miles away from the top end of the table.


Player of the Year - it was a low bar - was Moussa Djama, he ticked off Djibouti and contributed 7 goals in 11 games.


The last order of business for the season was the retained list - 10 squad players were released. 

There will be a massive overhaul of the squad for next season.

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July 2031

Plenty of movement in the transfer window. Not as much as I would have preferred but some decent deals.

  • Osvaldo Calupeteca - first choice Right Back option, 20 years old
  • Anderson Cazanga - competition for 1st choice keeper, 22
  • André Bragança - Striker, 28, hopefully, my main source of goals
  • Osvaldo da Silva - Left Winger, fantastic technicals for the level, only 17 - see below
  • Fred Mfumu - A more experienced version of da Silva, can play either flank, 23
  • Walter Sousa - experienced Left Back, 31
  • Fred Longelo-Ikanga - a 15-year-old Striker, will see what he does in the U19s, has a finishing attribute of 14
  • Augusto Baiúa - 17-year-old Defensive Midfielder, backup

Osvaldo Da Silva is the one that offers the most optimism both Osvaldo's are probably good enough for the 2nd tier. 


The expectations are low. I would hope we have enough to at least match what we did last season and make some slow progress forward.


This is the senior squad as we start the season:


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August 2031

From agony to major happiness, thats the first couple of games covered. A 95th minute goal conceded meant we started with a loss, before a 6-1 home win put the smiles back on everyones faces.

The cup was a tale of 12 penalties - 3 (all scored in the 90 minutes) and then 9 (all but 1 scored) in the shoot out. Progress made. Our reward is away to a top flight side in October.

A lovely amount of green. Plenty of positives, a strong start. Goals a plenty. 


Sitting 2nd after the first month.


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September 2031

The national element of this save is going to be a long haul. We can have a maximum of 6 slots for the non-Angolans. 

It'll be tough to tick off MoTMs when João Tavares is in such fine form, 4 goals in the first game of the month, overshadowing our debutant from Eswatini (or Swaziland in old money), then 5 against Clube Desportivo Real do M'buco - our Mauritius striker netting two.

Nothing lasts forever, and Escolinha Isaac terminates our 8-match unbeaten run.

We started a new run, and ended the month off top of the table, partly thanks to Adriano Chiu Chung Fat (#32 Mauritius) getting a double in the final game.


We lead a congested top 3


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October 2031

Sigh... a couple of draws have put us behind the pack.

But we can put that to one side as we face Angolan Tier 1 side Sporting Clube Petróleos de Cabinda in the Angolan Cup 2nd round, two early goals put us behind and then a thoroughly professional job meant we didn't have a chance of getting back in. 

Ultimately a flat month.


Proof it can change quickly. Porecelana were 5 behind at the end of the last month, they are now 2 ahead.


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November 2031

We have done what we needed to do - and that was stay up. The frustrating element is that it feels like we are dropping far too many points to challenge at the top end of the table. I know, I know, I can't just be happy, can I?

A big victory over Porcelana kept us in touch at the top. João Tavares finding his goalscoring boots again.

It's an unbeaten month but it could have been so much more


Clinging on to the team at the top by the barest of margins.


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December 2031

Defeat in the opening game of the month has meant I have declared the unlikely title over. It's now about trying to tick off nations. I have two on my list - Eswatini and DR Congo, both missing the MoTM award.

We've also had official confirmation that we are safe from relegation.

Two goals for our Eswatini International Xolani Kunene but no champagne.


Despite the less-than-impressive month, this has warmed the cockles.


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January 2032

This season now becomes tick of nation O'Clock...

A Rwandan Left Back and a Striker from Niger have joined the party.

Escolinha Isaac are champions-elect, they were also 6-1 up at Half Time. A goal for our Nigerian Striker is the only positive. It's not dull, but it's also not ticking off any nations


Good job Djibouti is ticked off...


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Pre Season 2032

A new season... a new club. After just over 18 months at São Pedro Nolasco Futebol Clube, a bigger club has come calling. Relegated from the top tier, Estrela Clube 1º de Maio de Benguela has chosen Victor to get them back up to the top again.

Financially there is a huge amount of scope open to me now.


Lots of different nations in the squad. There are 9 that we haven't ticked off already.



It's GO TIME!!!

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August 2032

2 objectives for this season:

  1. Promotion to the top tier of Angolan Football
  2. Reach 40 Nations ticked off - we are on 32

An opening day draw - the oppo scored in the 94th minute was followed by a victory in the Benguela derby.

The key player in the month, 3 goals, and 2 MoTMs was Mauro Adão, Angolan so no new nations.

We top the table after these early stages.


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September 2032

September is a much busier month than August. Five games to Three.

We shall ignore the Angolan Cup for this year. Came up against the best team in the Nation('s B side). We can't ignore the defeat to Dragao - they were bottom without a win. No idea what happened.


Because of the B teams, we are still in the promotion slots


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October 2032

Mário Cazanga is 16 years old, flung in for his first start, he got the winner and the champagne to get us back into the wins column. He sets a record for the youngest-ever goal scorer.

He appears to be single-handedly dragging us through games. Another win, this time in a derby.

Massive month in the end. 1-0 is all we need


We are now extremely well-placed for one of the promotion spots. I think we are 11 points clear as the B teams can't go up.


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November 2032

A much tougher month for opponents but the results have continued to be good. Both of our wins were against the team at the top of the table. Barti Tavares the main man with a number of goals - this coming after a bit of a drought from him. He now has 10 for the season.


10 league games to go and it continues to look good


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December 2032

Since losing 5-0 to Dragao we have had an 11-game unbeaten run - including the first two games of this month, we meet again in the last match of 2032. We flipping well owe them.

A point is better than nothing, but doesn't quite give us the sweet taste of revenge.


My only complaint is that we are empty for nations for this season. Plenty of ones in-flight but no cows have come home to roost. All of the African ones apart from Rwanda and Niger are currently in my squad. Mohamed Ahmed is on penalties.


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January 2033

New year, 7 games left this season and promotion is the aim.

No hangovers on the 1st Jan as Sporting Clube Petróleos do Bié was dispatched 3-1. The hangover kicked in the next match, a 1-0 lead was extinguished and we were on the end of 3. We have games in hand so no worries right now.

A 2-2 draw against fierce rivals Clube Nacional de Benguela was a decent result, especially as Mohamed Ahmed ticked of Sudan with a well-taken penalty. It was also enough for a P


Defeat to the champions-elect but it matters not.


We are playing in the top flight next season.


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February 2033

Young'Un Mário Cazanga hits his 6th and 7th goals of the season to give us victory in the first game of the month. In the 2nd, Etienne Tiny made a large contribution with his first two goals of the season, unfortunately, the Cameroonian was usurped by an Angolan for the MoTM. A successful fan day with a 6-1 win.


With 90 minutes left of the season we will either get 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Happy with that.


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March 2033

Always nice when you forget your keeper is on penalties...

At least he scored it, and we beat the champions... (b team)


A 2nd place finish and we leave the B teams in the 2nd tier and get to play their A sides. Oh joy.


Bart Tavares was the star man, either a Left Winger or Striker, he looked a threat and got 12 goals, and 9 assists. His record in the top flight is 0 in 20 so there is a slight concern he is the Angolan David Nugent. Olimpio Agualusa got 15 goals with a lower AvR


As it's the end of the season, we shall look at the overall Challenge. Only 1 nation ticked off (Sudan) which takes us to 33. 




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