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Which teams are you thinking of playing as in FM24?

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These are the ones who I'm thinking about playing as. Most of them are bigger or more famous clubs that have had either interesting transfer windows or starts to the season. I can imagine myself going for a smaller club eventually as well. It's just I know the rosters of these clubs better than say Newport County or St. Patrick's Athletic. I always like to play as a big club for the first two weeks before the game is released to everyone (if you preorder now you get 2 weeks of early access and 10% off the price in the UK) to what I can win.


  1. Bayern Munich: On the pluses side they have Harry Kane, on the minuses the squad in real life seems to be on the small side
  2. PSG: They've adopted a new French player's first footballing culture so that would be interesting.
  3. Chelsea: One of the weirdest transfer windows I've ever seen with 50% of the entire squad changed. Have had an awful start to the season as well in real life
  4. Lyon: Have ended up near the bottom of the league after the first few games in real life.
  5. Ajax: Badly underperformed last season and isn't doing too well now either. 
  6. Inter Miami: As a rule, I usually avoid playing as teams who are doing well in real life as my first few saves, but Messi, Alba, Busquets and co would be a cool save to get used to MLS to, though I might wait until there are enough editor files for some of the more obscure Latin American leagues.
  7. Any Saudi Club: This may need an editor data file to play as if FM23 is anything to go by, but I'd be interested to see how this league circa 2023 works in-game
  8. Any Japanese club: I don't know if they will finally be playable but SI are launching the FM Series for the first time in Japan and in Japanese this year so I'm hoping for the J. League .
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I like trying to get Hamburg back up and established. With Schalke back in the 2.bundesliga, it will provide a good network game for me & my mate.

Leeds, Leicester & Southampton will provide a good network game challenge as well.

Was also thinking of Wrexham & Salford in league two as a sugar daddy network game.

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Reading or Derby possibly. But I do like to start a career save in the bottom divisions of either Scotland or France. Maybe Clyde or Racing Club. I've had some good times with Racing Club over the years.  

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Create a club. Messed around with it a little this year. Not something I have really used before. Up till now always liked starting unemployed and doing some random lower league club. Always cool to then research and learn about them. 

But I want to do a lower league save to prem. Will be a Scottish based club playing in England or I was even thinking of doing a Gibraltar based club that plays in the English leagues. 

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18 hours ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

Given they are my favourite Italian team and they were relegated last season, it would seem rude not to try and take Sampdoria back to the top and eventually win the Scudetto again. 

Aye, so them. 

this. plus a small points deduction to start off with as well

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23 hours ago, Colonel Tigh said:

Would love to try the J League as well. But I’m not expecting it in the game because they didn’t specifically say. Unless they want to surprise ;)

Well, they've now announced the top three tiers in Japan are in the game.  So, your wish has come true.  Think I'll give Japan a go starting from the third tier.

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