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🗳️ Multiple Citizenship Newgen - a Request 🗳️

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🌟 Player Choice: Newgen Citizenship and Language Customization 🌟

I picture a developed feature that gives players more authority to choose the new generation's citizenships and languages within the game. Consider Türkgücü München as an example. Sometimes they have Turkish players, sometimes Turkish-German, and sometimes just even German. I'm fascinated with the possibilities of creating a club that I can do this the way I want to do it, the way I wish I could do it.

🛠️ Crafting a Distinct Identity: The "Newgen" Option 🛠️

Imagine a scenario where, where you want to use the in-game editor, you click it and see a "Newgen" section. There are several options for citizenship and languages available within the editor. The player is given the freedom to create a unique identity of youth players/intake, whether it involves choosing one or many languages or picking one or many citizenships. Maybe it isn't set in stone what you get, maybe you can choose percentages of languages, maybe you can choose, for example, a 25% chance of Austrian and 75% chance of German or 20% chance of Turkish and 53% chance of American and 27% chance of Spanish. Maybe you do want it to be set in stone, you want your entire intake to be English-Nigerian youth players that can all speak English, Spanish, and French.

🖋️ Harnessing Potential: The In-Game & Pre-Game Editor 🖋️

The pre-game editor's expansive potential is a marvel, it is so very powerful yet having this feature (if added) only in the pre-game editor has players miss out on so much. Allowing players to choose to bring in German-Austrians for a year and then the next year to bring in German-Americans is such a cool concept. It offers players to recalibrate mid-journey.

🎉 Established Interest: Community Buzz 🎉

I would love to provide some other threads/posts that I have seen about this topic to show there is interest in this idea.

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Asking How to Stop Hard-coded Intakes (Forum)

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Another request (forum)

📜 The Proposal: Your Consideration Matters 📜

Taking all this into account, I'm just throwing out this idea for you to think about. Adding something like this could really make the game way cooler and give us players more say in how our saves shape up. I'm sure the community, including myself, would be totally stoked if you're up for considering and maybe even adding this suggestion.

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