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Possible solution to reduce headers

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After many analyzes I realized that the reason for the excess of air duels in FM 23 was happening due to lack of options or maybe ME limitations in applying FIRST TOUCH VARIATIONS coming from long balls.
  The throwing mostly happen due to the pressure exerted by the opposing team, which forces defenders to throw balls forward (at the head of players who are in more advanced sectors) and throwing of players in broader sectors (winger, fb, wb, etc) to strikers.
  I almost never see a long ball going towards the player's chest, hips, thighs, or even feet. I don't see players trying to fight for a long ball by using their body to ward off the opponent and then immediately dominating the ball with their shoulders or any other body part other than their head. And I believe that this is compromising not only the variety of plays but also ratings and statistics.
  In my opinion, the implementation of different ways of controlling the ball is essential for the next versions of Football Manager.

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