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Creating Some Alternate Formats from UEFA Competitons and World Competitons

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Hello Everyone

i was thinking doing some alternate Formats of UEFA Competitons and World Competitons with FM Editor and i have planning on doing this since 2 years ago

i really hate the league format of UCL,EL And ECL and thinking about needs to change and i have enough

Ceferin really made UEFA Competitons a lot worse and i would do better at creating some formats

well the choices to editing an UEFA Competitons and World Competitons is either

Choice A - Making Champions League with 36 Teams alongside with Europa League and Conference League but with Group Stage on 6 Groups of 6 Teams and Making UEFA Super Cup Having 4 Teams,World Cup have 40 Teams and Club World Cup Having 16 Teams

Choice B - Keep Champions League Format of 32 Teams Group Stage,Europa League been back with 48 Teams and Conference League having Straight Knockout Round,World Cup Have 40 Teams but with 10 Groups of 4,Creating an World Version of Europa League with 8 Teams taking 1 after 1 year

Choice C - Keep Champions and Europa League format of 32 Teams Group Stage but with Conference League been expansion with 48 Teams,Club World Cup Have 12 Teams 

Choice D - Creating European Super League and been pretty similar to African Super League and Bring Back Intertoto Cup

so anyways it comment and what do you think what i will do and what do you think what choices of Alternate formats will fit it the most



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