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[FM23 DB 2340] Independence Word Cup

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z Independence World Cup.fmf

I attach the rar with the logo 

First of all, thank you very much for being here and spending a part of your time reading me. 🫶❤️

What is this?
An international competition of clubs that their nations became independent at some point in history. (I can't list all the nations that have existed over the years, there are many!  😅)
With the exception of the Catalan clubs (that is a wet dream for the independent Catalans, who have spent years fighting for a referendum on their independence from the Spanish State), therefore, I wanted to put 5 important Catalan clubs as part of this event, of this way it can be complemented with the other data editor that I made from MOD Catalonia Systeam League 

There are 40 participating teams (if any champion coincides with one of those already set then the Runner-up or the third will go if necessary)

First, a preliminary qualifying round for the 16 worst in coefficient, and 8 passes that are added to the 24 best in coefficient for a phase of 32 World Cup-style teams, until there is a champion.

The draw for the competition for the Preliminary Phase begins on August 15, with August 17 being the preliminary phase match to qualify for the group phase (A single match to qualify)

I have managed to verify the previous one that I made of DB 2330 ---- having to catch and cheat DB 2340 that has a base error that is screwing many MODS creators 

Read this for understood:

Summary -->The problem is with an Icelandic club that has been made to disappear ( Knattspyrnufélagið Kórdrengi ).

I have managed to do a little trick, which is: 

That it is not a missing club and that it is part of the Icelandic league and cup system (as it had been doing in DB 2300 and 2330) 😃 . By making that change for that particular editor, it allows me to check the editor data and that it works. This must be done with each publisher data that you create continental rules. 

Participating Clubs

  •  Champions of Continental Competitions ( 8 teams )

Champions League
North American Champions
Champions Africa
Asian Champions
Champions Oceania
UEFA Europa League
Total South American Cup

  • Champions of the leagues ( 11 teams )

Czech Republic

  • The best teams of the leagues ( 16 teams max )

Mexico (4)
Major League Soccer (4)
Argentina (4)
Spain (4)

  • The clubs representing the Catalan Province ( 5 teams )

Province of Barcelona: FC Barcelona and Espanyol
Province of Girona: Girona FC
Province of Lleida: Club Lleida Esportiu
Province of Tarragona: Club Gimnàstic Tarragona

  • For Andorra (2 team )

FC Andorra and FC Santa Coloma

Enjoy it 🫶😜

Logo IWC.rar

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