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(FM23) Basic Rules League Pack 23.4

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Due to the general lack of interest regarding the CM30 Project and the fact that there is a Youth Finalissima hardcoded in, i decided to update the Basic Rules League Pack instead.


For the First Version, the unplayable nations which have won 3 or more main continental Champions Cup are included. There are 12 of them.


Might Add more if I have time.


23/3/31: Doubled the amount of nations avaliable, including North Macedonia and Albania, two european countries which has qualified for EURO, but isn't playable. the other 10 are AFC Countries which had won matches in Asian Nations Cup and is both Notable and Unplayable.


basic rules league pack 2340 2.zip

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5 小时前, Jorgen说:

What is the CM30 project?

Originally I wanted to Revert the league structure of every country into 4 leagues of 20 teams since FM23 is the 30th anniversary of Original Championship Manager

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