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[FM23] Vatican City State Championship|23.4.0

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-Vatican City Football Championship(16 teams)
-Vatican City Football Championship 2(13 teams)
-Coppa Vaticana
-Supercoppa (Vatican City)
-All Logos download on this link
-National team only play friendly











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23.3 to 23.4
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@oche balboa
-First, u do this for the editor can edit the continent of nations

-Second u move nation for continent u want, and go on the editor to add nation rules and create cups, teams, etc
- And to change the flag I use tcm logos and sub the old flag

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  • zangelmi changed the title to [FM23] Vatican City State Championship|23.4.0

@zangelmi Thank you for this and for your pre-season pack. They are brilliant. 

I have this loaded, and it works in the sense that the leagues are playable etc. I know the national team only play friendlies, but in my UEFA list, they show as 'British North Borneo', as if the nation name has not changed. Is it just a case of me loading the file in the editor and changing the nation name?

EDIT - I had another question about the logo, but it was the @2x version I forgot to update. Just the nation name I can't get to work.

EDIT 2 - Don't worry, ended up making a new fmf file just to change the nation name, as another of my files must have been working to overwrite what your file does. All sorted.


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