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[FM23] - Scottish Pyramid reworked

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In the coming weeks, I will be releasing a Scottish Pyramid database. This will include 11 levels of teams. 


Scottish League 

This will be changed from 4 divisions (12/10/10/10) to 3 Divisions of 14. I will retain the split for the top division. But the bottom 2 tiers will have 39 matches. There will be Relegation and promotion play offs. 2 Teams will also be automatically relegated out of the Scottish League. 

Scottish Non League 

Highland & Lowland League will remain the same and they will have their champions get promoted into the Scottish League. Highland will feed straight into the North while the Lowland will have West/East Leagues. There will be 9 levels in each of the North/West/East Leagues so proper lower league football. Obviously the lower down the worst rep the clubs are. Amateur/Welfare clubs have been created to the best of my ability with the correct information. Some Divisions may have teams which could/should have been in a higher division but its mainly a decision which helps with a bit of balance and it could create better stories. Historic teams such as Third Lanark, Renton, Meadowbank will be making comeback in the lower reaches   


A number of defunct cups have been added for history purposes so the clubs can have a bit better of a trophy cabinet. These won't be brought back. I will include a University competition (With history) So if you are managing Edinburgh University you will have an extra 8 games in your season. But there will be a reward for this. 

Added Cups

Scottish Cup -  This will include EVERY team within the game to give it a proper national feel. Of course you are unlikely to see Celtic play Montrose Golfy Thistle in the 1st round, But there will be some proper stories being written as the Non League Amateur Clubs battle to join the Scottish Cup proper. 400 teams set to be involved. 

League Cup -  I've abolished the Group format as i believe its pointless and only the Scottish League 42 will take part in this. The 1st Round will be 2 legs but when the big boys get involved this will be a straight knockout. Of course the final at Hampden Park will remain intact. 

Challenge Cup - Involved in this are all Championship, League 1, Highland and Lowland teams (64 Teams) and in a straight knockout with no seeded teams involved. But an added caveat of the lower league teams playing at home in the 1st round. 

Junior Cup - This will be set up along FA Trophy lines where the teams from the top 4/5 divisions will take part with a Hampden Park final as an incentive 

Amateur Cup - This will be setup along FA Vase lines for the bottom few tiers of the non league structure & a Hampden Park final as an incentive 

Regional Cups - Highland & Lowland League Cups which will involve all teams within the region in a straight knockout, Final will be played at a Neutral Venue. 


B Teams will NOT be part of the structure, They will be involved in their own competition, Scottish League's B Teams will be added too. Youth Football will remain as normal (But trying to find a better solution to this too) 


Will be released soon, Still got a lot of work, Testing to do. Would love to workout how to do badges as well 


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