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An American in Europe - DaMarcus Beasley's Journey


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After his retirement from playing football, DaMarcus Beasley was keen to get back into the game. Without his coaching courses, he only has his playing resume to submit to clubs, as well as his vast knowledge of the tactical side of the game. Even with those two things in his back pocket, he will not get special treatment from clubs. He will have to work his way up the ladder, just as every football manager does. Before his first set of interviews, DaMarcus set out a list of goals that he wishes to achieve in his managerial career.

Win at least 18 trophies:

During his playing career Beasley won 18 trophies, including 5 Gold Cups. He wants to be as decorated as a manager as he was as a player.

Manage in the Champions League Final:

During his time at PSV, Beasley suffered the heartbreak of losing in the CL semis, and he wants to do one better and reach the final.

Manage in all of the top 5 leagues:

Outside of football, Beasley wants to travel. Obviously football comes first, but he wants to see the world, and learn to speak different languages.

Manage the USA National Team:

After making over 120 appearances for the US, he wants to manage the side, and lead them to glory.

Manage Real Madrid or Barcelona:

DaMarcus understands the size of these two clubs. They are the biggest sides in world football, and he wants a chance to get to that level as a manager.

Top the Hall of Fame:

Every manager wants to be the best, and Beasley is no different.

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The Job Hunt:


Note that I'm downloading the logo and face packs right now, I got a new PC, so have to redownload the megapacks.

Beasley's favorite realistic jobs:

East Fife: After a 2 year stint with Rangers, DaMarcus loves the country, and can almost understand the people when they're speaking :lol:.

Aldershot Town & St. Albans: Non-League is always a great starting point for a football manager save, and will allow Beasley to start at the bottom.

URSL Vise: A Belgian semi-pro outfit which would be out of left field for Beasley, but he would appreciate the challenge of learning another language.

Zimbabwe: An international job would be good on his resume, especially with his goal of managing the USA.

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We get our first job with Buxton!



18th in the league and Beasley promised playoffs. We are only 8 points back with 35 games remaining.


Durrant and Osborne have been our best players this season.


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Tactical Interlude / Breaking the 4th Wall

This FM has been very hard to get into for me. This is mainly because I can't figure out tactics for the life of me. Nothing's worked. In this save I've decided to go strikerless. This has 0 relation to anything regarding DaMarcus Beasley, I just want to try out strikerless. 

Now, for the tactic:


Very hipster and Guardiola inspired in the midfield and backline. Half backs are the one role where I have had success this year.

Now, nothing is permanent besides for the lack of striker. Wingers might be wide one game and narrow the next, same with the fullbacks.


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Staff and DaMarcus' Right Hand Man


We have a very average staff, which DaMarcus is hoping will change in the coming years.


Tommy Miller is a former manager himself, and DaMarcus will be leaning on him for lots of advice.


Jennifer McBain is our head of the academy, and Beasley will be relying on her to tell us who should be called up to the first team in the coming years.

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Game #1 away to Spennymoor

Opposition instructions:


Preston is their playmaker so we're trying to shut him down. They seem to have a large disconnect between midfield and attack, so we're pressing their midfielders heavily.

1st Half:


We've been very poor.


An egregious game of football from our perspective.

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Remembering DeMarcus, the player.....I would think that he would have an attack-minded fullback, like himself, as a central part of his tactical approach.

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