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I have put 1600 hours into this game and finally have won a championship


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I came here just wanting to find a cool management game. I have dumped 1600 hours into this game, trying my damnest and ALWAYS Coming up short. FA trophy finals 2 years in a row. Multiple championship runs ending just a game or two short.

I can finally say I have some silverware in my cabinet.

I am the Swedish Second Division south Champion.

And It feels earned

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5 minutes ago, Vakama2619 said:

Didn't you post this to reddit as well? Also this probably fits better in the FMCU general discussion than it does an actual thread

Well to make it relevant, let me link it to the current thread below it - my career. I've decided that trophies are for losers and have resolved to spend the entirety of FM23, which will far exceed 1600 hours, never achieving anything. It's all about the journey, never the destination! :hammer:

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