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Extra Extended Glory Hunter FM23 - v2.0

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 Hello everybody. If you have read one of my previous posts, you will know that I have attempted this save before, I actually got a season and a half into it before giving up through sheer boredom, but we are back here today to attempt it again.

It's basically a fairytale story, here, let me fill you in...

 Once upon a time, there lived a lad, who loved Football Manager, and especially loved to try challenges that would state him as an above average player. One day, he decided to start one of DoctorBenjyFM's Glory Hunter challenges, in which he decided to begin his life at Valencia. This lasted 2 and a bit seasons before his eventual sacking from Valencia. Two strong title fights, losing the title to Real Madrid and Barcelona in respective seasons with two Copa Del Rey's to his name. He was sacked due to a lack of performance in Season 3. He was fighting around just for Champions League qualification and not for the title as previous seasons had suggested. He looked for another job... but couldn't find one, and decided to set up shop somewhere closer to home... Sunderland AFC...

 Now this is where our story ends. A boy, in love with a club, forced to leave due to an unexpectedly bad performing season...

 However, the story does not just end there because there is another chapter, and it's titled FM23. This boy had always been bright, and he knew what he was doing when he decided to use a wheel spinner for his Extra Extended Glory Hunter this season. He was deciding to choose his team at random for this challenge! Something not a lot of people had done before.

 The wheel got shorter and shorter until there were just two teams left. You couldn't have a more picture perfect ending, his home clubs rival in Newcastle United, and his old and faithful in Valencia Club de Fútbol. 

 As he spun the wheel of the last time, he saw Newcastle flash up on his screen, and a streak of joy fluttered through his body. He was back... He was going home... Valencia it was... and Valencia, it will be.


 I'm coming home boys...image.png.5f94e8a9552bc6e26ca012ae2f43e50d.png

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