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[FM23] ASIA PACK for 23.0 , 23.3, 23.4

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I've realized this Asian pack with 26 playable nations with real rules and formats, even youth leagues - as much as I could find


The other file with the leagues goes here:

it's needed to bypass some names of competitions:


Saudi (Saudi Pro League -number of team decreasing over 2 years as in real  life) Salman League, 2nd Division,3rd Division, Cup, 4 teams Supercup, U19 PL +1D ,U17 PL + 1D, Reserve League)

Bahrain (PL, 2nd division, his majesty's cup, federation cup, Supercup, U21L)

Bangladesh (first 2 divisions, federation cup, Indipendence cup, 6-teams supercup,U18L)

Bhutan (Bank of Bhutan PL, Cup)

Myanmar (National League, L2, Myanmar Cup, SC, u21 +u18 league)

Brunei (Liga - not starting until 2023 as in real life, FA Cup -2022 enlarged in 2022 to replace league, normal version from 2023, SC, U18PL+1div.)

Cambodia (Metfone C League, A1 division - there are no promotions and relegations between the leagues, Samdech Cup, King Cup, SC)

Emirates (Arabian Gulf League,1st,2nd,3rd division, President Cup, Arab cup, Super Cup, Pro League U21, U18League)

Philippines (Qatar PFL, Copa Paulino Alcantara)

Jordan (Pro League, 1D, Jordan Cup, Shield Cup, Supercup)

Iran (Persian League, Azadegan L, 2nd Div, HAZFI cup, supercup, U21 Premier League, U19 Youth League+1D)

Iraq ( Asia Cell team decreasing over 3 years as in real life, 1D, FA cup, supercup, U21 Premier League)

Kyrghizistan (Shoro Liga, National League, Cup, supercup, Reserve league and cup)

Kuwait (Premier, 1st Div, Kass El Ameer Cup, Crown Cup, Federation Cup, Supercup, U21 Youth League)

Laos (PL, L2,federation cup)

Lebanon (1,2,3 div, Fa cup, SC, elite cup, challenge cup, u20PL)

Macau (1,2,3 div, taca macau, lower division cup, u19PL)

Maldives (dhivari league, div2,president cup, fa cup, charity shield)

Mongolia (1,2,3 div, cup, SC)

Oman (Pro League, 1st Div, Majesty Cup, Mazda Cup, supercup, League U20)

Syria (Premier, 2nd Div, Cup, supercup, PL U19)

Sri Lanka/Ceylon (Dialog CH, dialog SL, - no promotionsor relegations for 1 year,then rules are changing, FA CUP)

Tajikistan (Coca Cola Ligasi, 1st Div, Cup, supercup, U21 PL+1D)

Thailand (Revo League, M150 Championship, Kongsalakplus League, Chang Cup, Revo cup, Supercup)

Turkmenistan ( Yokary Ligasi, Cup, Supercup, U21 L, Kubok Federatsii)

Uzbekistan (Coca Cola Ligasi, Pro League, Birinchi Liga, Cup, supercup, U21PL, U19PL)


FOR 23.0

Link has been removed by the moderator team

FOR 23.3

Link has been removed by the moderator team

FOR 23.4

Link has been removed by the moderator team


Please let me know If any problems or bugs occur!

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  • rmpMarko changed the title to [FM23] ASIA PACK 1.1
3 hours ago, Maviarab said:

Does the 'other file' conflict with the 'other names file from other sites' or they work together?

Hi. It s a standard file that everybody has. So unless u have changed it before, u just copy and paste on top of the original one. Does not go in conflict with any other file. Have not changed anything else but names of the competition that did not change just with the editor because hardcoded. 

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47 minutes ago, rmpMarko said:

It s a standard file that everybody has

Yes...which is overwritten by another file which cannot be talked about (why I was being cryptic).  I'll assume the same fixes are in that 'other' one.  Thanks for the reply.

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  • rmpMarko changed the title to [FM23] ASIA PACK for 23.0 , 23.3, 23.4

Alright mate, it's nice that you've added lower division to my Saudi structure... but you can't just take my file and add on to it, and certainly not without any credit. I can tell from the list of changes. Further, it looks like you're using a buggy older version of my file.

I assume UAE is the same?

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