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Uncharted Territory: A European Journeyman


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This save is going to be a long one. I have set myself the challenge of winning the top division of every European nation, with a club that has never won the title before. 

To start, I randomly picked three nations. I spun a wheel and the three nations were Malta, Russia and Armenia. I guessed that this would mean a start in Malta but it looks like I was wrong. 

Started Unemployed with No Coaching Badges. Although I want to get through the countries, I want to still put an emphasis on Youth, and as such I want to promote at least one youth player per season. 

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Club 1 - West Armenia Yerevan

When I saw this club available I got a bit excited. West Armenia Yerevan were established in 2019, making them only 3 years old. That means - blank canvas, no league titles won and a club that is waiting for a spark. As you can tell by their name, they are based in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The city is home to 7 top flight clubs, and we need to make that 8. We are the little brother to some of the nations must successful clubs, and it is time for us to upset the applecart and build the club from the ground.



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The Beginning


When I say that we have a blank canvas, I mean it. No members of staff, which is a blessing but also a pain when I have to manage U18 games until I find staff that will fit.


One thing that isn't blank is the league table. We take over 7 games into the league season, finding ourselves in 2nd place. It is noticeable that most of the teams in this league are actually second teams, and so they are unable to be promoted. This puts us in a great position to be promoted so early into our journey (hopefully not too early).


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August and September 2022/23

A very strong start in the league, 5 wins .I'm very happy but in these games, it really could've gone either way, we're dominating xG wise but are struggling to assert our dominance.  A sole loss in the Armenian Cup, against the side 3rd in the top tier. We were 3 down at half time and were much the better side in the second half, but they had well and truly downed tools.1546177217_Screenshot(24).png.363a9024a342aa2dfe99a4abce50018a.png

As you can see we have moved up to 1st, and have extended our lead over 2nd to 6 points. More importantly, the next club eligible for promotion is a massive 15 points behind us. We have a real chance of gaining promotion here, even though we're only a third of the way through the season


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October 2022


Another strong month, Charles Ikrchukwu the most impressive, scoring in all 4 wins. Disappointing result against BKMA-2, but we still held our spot at the top of the league.

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November 2022


A month against entirely second teams. We smashed past Shirak-2 and eased past Uratu-2 in the away games. But we really struggled at home. Losing to second place Pyunik-2 and drawing with Alashkert-2. Not the ideal result to head into the mid season break, but we did still remain top of the league.

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Winter Break 22/23

I wanted to bolster the squad slightly in this window, without spending huge amounts, so that if we went up I could continue to spend and improve. We ended up bringing in 3 players.


Yeranosyan is a 23 year old left back, who should be great in this league and solid when / if we get promoted.


Baralyan is an experienced striker with incredible mental's for this level. Despite Charles' great goalscoring form, his rating is often poor on match days. So I'm really happy to have Vardan to challenge him


Finally we brought in David Azin on an 18 month deal. I tried to only get 6 months but he was insistent on 18, we'll see how he does, but he should definitely give us some much needed experience.


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Winter Break Friendlies


Great work from the boys. A 2-2 draw with LA Gomis provides some insight into the future as they are last years promoted team, languishing bottom of the Armenian Premier League.

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March 2023


Great month, plenty of goals. New signing Bakalyan doing exactly what we wanted of him. A 4-3 win over Gandzasar all but confirmed promotion. And we secured that after our 1-0 win away at Mika.


On the downside, we had our youth intake this month and had nobody worth signing.

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May 2023

Season over. 2 wins and a draw to see the league through. In the game against Pyunik-2, we were able to come from 2 goals down to get the point.


This league is crazy, Gandzasar down in 7th are in the playoffs for promotion due to the number of second teams in the league


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