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Add the ability to interview key staff job candidates

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It may be difficult to implement but shouldn't managers be able to interview  candidates for key jobs, those probably being GM, Assistant Coach, Chief Scout, Technical Manager, Loan Manager, and Head Physio?  Maybe revamp the way the whole staff hiring system works and have all staff attributes and preferred formations hidden.  Then when you get a job, or wan to replace a staff member, you have to post a job offering or you can reach out to people you know.  Then once you have candidates you would have to interview them, just like you had to be interviewed to get the job.  You would be offered a list of questions to ask the candidate, and to tell them what tactic and style you want to play, and gaugue their suitability for the job based on their respones, which would then "reveal" their attributes and preferred formation.  Their reputation and previous job history would be the only thing you could see before the interview.  Just seems to me that you should be able to interview those guys.

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This could also include promises being made such as agreeing to hire a U18 coach and promising to promote him to U18 assistant manager or manager within the next couple of years or when the position becomes vacant.  It would be the same sort of career path objectives and timelines you give young players.  This could also add some interesting dialogues and options if a staff member is offered a job by another club and leaves due to you not keeping your promises to him. 

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