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It's all about stats now. Please add more stats on the Player-History-Career Stat page.  There are only five stats that are recorded from year to year and with all the new stats that are available during the season it's a shame I can't see them in the player's history. I want to be able to see my CB's tackle ratio for the last 5 years. We need a deeper record of player stat history.

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I'm in support of more detailed career statistics options and more access to them.

For individual players' careers and/or seasons, it would be nice to choose what is included, such as cups, international, etc., when viewing. Ways to filter the stats that show in totals or other columns to include (or exclude) everything, or at least everything other than (club) friendlies. Also, the stats are available (within in each year), so why not an option to see them as career totals? As separate rows (like in the by-season version) and possibly even a cumulative for club, a cumulative for nation, and a cumulative for everything (other than club friendlies, all-star matches, etc.). This setting shouldn't be in game settings, but rather a way to toggle it on the stats page itself, to make it easier to find and use (or not). There are incredibly detailed match stats, but we lack detail in career views. Not that I want career xG or heat maps, but why not have control over what basic stats we see where in the career totals? (This is not only for those who want more detailed statistics, but also for those who might want to track overall progress in, say, Argentina, which has a league and a cup that is essentially another league... but only the "actual" league stats show up, meaning half the matches played don't appear to count in a player's statistics, and you have to dig around to find them one player's individual season at a time.)

Similarly, a way to keep stats from previous records in clubs and nations (and leagues?). Not just yearly "who scored the most goals" and such, but something equivalent to "as of year X, Player Y was the all-time leading goalscorer" (and other such statistics, even youngest player, etc.). I know this wouldn't change often, but it would be nice to track who held the record without losing the old players from the list. Sort of an all-time statistical leaders list for each, maybe 10-20 leaders. Again, given that the stats are already in existence, there shouldn't be any reason they can't still be displayed if we want to see them. (Right?) Even "modern day" records are better than none, and most likely, community members will create database updates that fill in historical stats if the team doesn't introduce them from the start.

And building from both of these, how about an overall stats page? Here, too, the stats already exist. I can see when a player retired or was transferred, and I can see the all-time leading managers within nationality, nation, etc., but why not see the all-time leading goalscorers (and other statistical leaders) for a nation (or at least its top league), a nationality, a national side, etc.? Even global versions, so I can easily find the all-time leading international goalscorers, the keepers with the most clean sheets for their (top division) clubs, the top ten players for assists for a club, etc.  As with above, "modern day" is better than nothing, and community members will probably pitch in at some stage.

Even if some of these stats aren't available, I imagine that some must be as "simple" enough given all the statistical depth already involved in the game and the team's technical wizardry.


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