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Enhanced social feed news options


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The social feed was a great inclusion in the game, and the control it gives you over news from leagues is better than any comparable game I've played (see, for instance, the rotten news system in OOTP Baseball that hasn't been updated for years) but after a few years I'd like to extra sub categories to customise the experience further.

Some potential alterations to the existing menu options:

* If you select Board Takeovers you'll get stories about proposed takeovers/board changes etc... when I would want to just get the news of completed changes. Others might just want to get a notification when a team gets a tycoon takeover, gains/loses and underwriter, is floated on the stock market etc.

* 'Competition winners' also gives you the 'title race hots up' and 'relegation scrap approaches final battle' news items which are good but don't fit under the category

* Option for customising which player competition statistics/records you want to see

* Option to subscribe to multiple awards from within the same competition rather than having to follow them individually 

* Final election results rather than all the build-up

* Ability to add the same options to multiple competitions at the same time (Realised after all these years that you can do this by making a change, then saving as a 'custom' from the drop down menu. Then bulk highlight all the leagues you want to alter and select that preset)


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