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Gizzy Game - World Cup 22 Draft! Quarter Finals - Match Day 1


Who Would Win?  

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  1. 1. Who Would Win Their Match?

  2. 2. Who Would Win Their Match?

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Gizzy Game - World Cup 22 Draft! Quarter Finals - Match Day 1

@Muttley84 Vs @GunmaN1905

lineup48b3d51e310abab2.png Vs lineup.png.b1128dcdcff55ecb6be1f8151a2f5

@Rikulec Vs @Haguey

1146578170_lineup(15).png.9d8846b1972eca Vs 194481018_lineup(3).png.81b5bcaf0b1a95fb


Football Forum & OTF Users are asked to vote on which teams they think would win a match if it were to be played today. Taking into account the players used.

We ask you to keep your decision based on footballing reasons and not your like or dislike for the "Manager" of the team. Judge the players at their Current Abilities

Feel free to vote and leave any comments about your decision in this thread

The managers of each team can also vote for either team and discuss with other voters.

Voting will close in 24 hours.

Good luck to all managers

@Vynal Seven @Baptista_8 @SouthCoastRed @Barry Cartman @Rikulec @XuluBak @Chase Failey @PaulHartman71 @Crispypaul @Mr Wallin @Haguey @trueblue.85 @Sons FC @Darius1998 @Citizen Kane @Kawee @BigV @scousevasey @Scott1892 @kopsy101 @Harryseaess @SuperOwl86 @GunmaN1905 @thefmveteran86 @Muttley84 @bdcuk @Bliss Seeker @adhikapp @Carninho @markyosullivan @Pompeyboyz @The Golden boy

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