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Regional and dynamic relegation


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Hello everyone!

I am once again thinking of creating the Austrian League system as realistic as possible (and it's getting more and more complicated, why are we like this?), and in order to do that I'll have to be able to pull off both regional and dynamic relegation.

So the Austrian league system is as follows:


2. Liga

Regionalliga (3rd tier):

Here we have a division for east, a division for middle & 3 subdivisions for the western part.

The two best teams of each of the 3 western subdivisions are drawn into a playoff to decide who is the winner of the western subdivision overall.

Now fortunately, the next part has gotten a bit easier. If you're interested into how it was before, I'll leave that information in a spoiler


It was like that: We have 3 divisions for 3rd tier, but only two teams are supposed to be promoted into the second tier. One of which is a league winner, the other one being the winner of a playoff between the other two leagues. 

All of this is in rotation. 

So year 1: Winner of eastern division gets directly promoted, winner of western & winner of middle go into a playoff to decide who gets promoted.

Year 2: Winner of middle division gets directly promoted, others go into the playoff

(and so on)


So there are 3 teams relegated from 2nd tier. Each of those teams is put into the subdivision of 3rd tier that matches each region. This does, however, also mean that the number of teams relegated from 3rd tier is dynamic, depending on how many teams get relegated into 3rd tier.

Frankly, it is quite complex and it is actually hard to find what the current ruleset is.

Fun Fact: Ever since that change in the system there have never actually been 3 promoted into 2nd tier and 3 relegated from second tier (due to the pandemic & issues with getting the license for 2nd tier)

If we go further down from there it gets quite spicy again.

Let's just look at the eastern Regionalliga now.

In 4th tier, we have the "Landesliga". There are 3 subdivisions for the eastern part of Austria - meaning those interact with the eastern 3rd tier.

Those then have several regional subdivisions again, and yeah, you get the picture, it's an absolute mess. I think in 5th tier we're looking at a couple hundred clubs.


TDLR: Need to learn how to:

- assign relegated teams to the correct league via region

- do dynamic relegation

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