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Help with Current ability calculations (or RCA as it's not going to be perfect)

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I am bashing my head against a wall trying to figure out of stat weighing attributes with the weights for each role (comparing my spreadsheets RCA to the CA calculator on FM scout). (See below)


I can somewhat get the numbers closer to the mark by using random math but when I put this into my scout sheet the numbers are dramatically different with significantly higher CA players being ranked extremely low.


Can anyone help with this ? I've read divide by the amount of total attributes for the position/ also role, I've heard do it by total attributes. I just can't figure it out and it would honestly be the icing on the cake for my spreadsheet.

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You need to multiply each attribute value by the corresponding weight in the table shown in the FM Scout article about CA and then sum them up. Then divide by the sum of all the weights for that position. That gives you a weighted 'average attribute value' - let's call this 'x'.

There is a linear relationship between this value and the CA as shown in the game.

CA = 20*x - 120

Note that this assumes just a single position. I wasn't able to figure out how the CA depends on the familiarity of the different positions. It is not obvious how the attribute weights are affected.

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