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[FM23]4-2-3-1 deep mid/low block

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Hello I want to create a tactic which:

-play deep to create a space behind opponents

-defend like a unit

-attack fast with fluid counter.

Main issue are my forward players play too high and don't wait for rest of players and defenders play ball to them excluding central midfielders.

What should I change to achive better use of space and support forward players.


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For me, the first ''flaws'' are wingbacks on attack, and both wingers are in AM strata.
Try to experiment with wingbacks on support and wingers in the same roles but in lower strata, i know it technically makes it 4-4-1-1 but i think you will achieve defensive balance and invite opponents to fall into your counterattacking trap, and  in attack it will look like 4-2-3-1 that you are trying to achieve.

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Role wise, it's too aggressive

A PF(A) will push the back line and try and not let teams play out 

Both WBs on Attack, the most aggressive role and duty in that position barring the CWB, they will be pushing up and not letting your opponent out in wider areas 

The two DMs aren't exactly tame roles

Team Instructions look alright but you say you want to counter without telling your team that. You might what to add Pass into Space or use another role that does, you only have the Reg in the team who will be looking to do that  

Also, as Dortmund, I can't imagine a lot of teams will come at you so you might want a plan B  


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Think that the two replies above sort of sum it up - adjust things to make the players value defensive actions a bit more. High wingers and wing-backs on attack are very attack-minded players so won't lend themselves to a defence-first mindset.  

I play with a mid-block and found that wingers in the midfield strata changed everything for me, offering a solid wall across the midfield that is very difficult to break down. Re-train your wingers to be comfortable there if you need, it doesn't take long at all.

I also use full-backs on support or wing-backs on defend, and found that they play the role perfectly. They get up and down the pitch to support the play, but they pick and choose the right time to overlap or get to the by-line and prioritise being well posititioned in defence. If they're athletic enough, they'll play the role easily.

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