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Need some help with player Popup Overview

Jamie Aubrey

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I don't want to create a whole thread for 1 thing, so I thought I'd stick it here ( delete if in the wrong place or its been answered ) 

So I'm using the AlexMorak FM23 Skin - A Collection of Interesting Panels and I saw some panels in another skin, I like the look of and copied them over but as you can see the players image didn't carry over, I just moved over the panels in the Human folder that would control this so is there a panel in other folder I've missed or can anyone tell me how to fix it  



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8 minutes ago, keysi said:

the player popup profile is affected by:

player overview popup panel.xml & player personal details popup panel.xml

The human folder affects panels connected to you as a "human manager", it's not related to players or staff.


Yeah, I meant Players, I have both copied over with nothing edited but it doesn't show, I'm playing around with the code to see if I can see anything that might be causing it 

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