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IGE - More Maximise and Freeze Options


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I would like to see the following items implemented within the IGE please. It's been really good to see some new features in the IGE for FM23. Hopefully the below can be considered for the future (whether FM23 or future versions):

  1. Maximise Playing Time Happiness/Remove Playing Time Unhappiness - there is currently an option in the IGE to remove player unhappiness, however, it doesn't reset a player's 'Playing Time Happiness'. Having an IGE option that allows the user to refresh this would be a welcome addition to the IGE
  2. Freeze Playing Time Happiness - I'm sure that there are lots of players who get frustrated with fringe players kicking off about not playing enough matches. Having the ability to freeze the playing time happiness would therefore help out players who get frustrated by the constant barrage of players whining of not playing enough and allow a playing experience more akin to the games from the FM09-FM15 (ish) era where this wasn't an issue.
  3. Freeze Player Morale - I think this would be a nice addition, again for those players who aren't overly bothered about the player interaction part of the game.
  4. Youth Development Accelerator - to be applied either globally or per team. This option would essentially give all players the maximum possible development growth irrespective of the players mental stats and playing time i.e. this toggle would mean all players had access to the perfect mental hidden attributes and perfect playing time/match performance.
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