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Is this team ID from 'vanilla' game?


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20 hours ago, rristola said:

I hope that I don't have to clean my game (mods). Please, check this ID -  Finnish Premier league team AC Oulu's Reserve team AC Oulu OLS ID. Is it    2000067188?

It is.

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18 hours ago, rristola said:

FM Kit Creator is a program to make kits for FM.

There are not (yet) that many templates there, but a lot can be done.

You can try it for free.

I like it, because there is possibility to see your kit on a mannequin all the time.

I have that kit creator ( kit basher ) but I've never come across your issue . Im thinking it's because it's a reserve team and not a 1st team 

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OK, explanation why I needed that info.

In Kit Creator there is this nice feature, that when you make a kit with it, it fetches the team's ID from the FM database (when you type team's name), and with those two (2D and 3D) kits Creator gives you automatically a config file (where ID is needed). Very nice!


Why didn't Creator "find" this team's ID - I don't know, and that's why I had to ask. Thanks for help.


13 hours ago, prot651 said:

kit creator ( kit basher )

Kit Basher is another, but similar program. Try typing "fm kit creator" into Google. You can try Creator for free, but using added graphics (like sponsor tags) is very limited.


And, if you are interested in Finnish kits, here's link - https://www.mediafire.com/file/2ey8ad4h0p9yswf/FM_Finnish_kits_-_2D_3D_-_Premier%2C_1.Div%2C_2.Div_and_some_lower.zip/file

It will still be updated.

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I'm pretty sure that some Reserve team ID's were found with no problems, but...


That FM database is "included" in the Kit Creator - could there be a little mistake with that database? I don't know.

Only thing that is a bit "weird" is, that those kind of 10 digit ID numbers aren't that usual. IMO. Someone thought that they were from a custom database?

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