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Adding New Club into MLS


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Apologies if this is covered elsewhere...

I have created a new club (San Francisco 49ers)  in the Pre-Game editor.  I have attempted to add them to the MLS but with no success so far.

I removed LAFC from the MLS and replaced them with the new club.  In the editor the 49ers are showing as being in the MLS under Teams and Teams For Next Season while LAFC are not.  However.... every time I start a new game LAFC are in the MLS are the 49ers aren't there.  They exist as a club, just not in any league.

It's probably worth pointing out I've done multiple other edits relating to other clubs and they have all been loaded. (I am aware that I need to enable the Editor Data file prior to loading the new game).

I've attached screenshots of what I've done in the editor. I assume I'm missing a step somewhere along the line but i can't think what that may be.  I'd really appreciate any help with this.





MLS  2.jpg

MLS  3.jpg

MLS  4.jpg

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You might not wanna hear this but best thing to do is just wipe LAFC's details and repopulate it with your 49ers info. Copy and paste job even. That way it's the same unique ID (can manually change player histories if you like, relatively short history), and you won't break anything in MLS like the draft, international slots, Designated Playrer rules, wage cap etc.

You'd be taking LAFC's spot in the league wholesale. Keeps all the funny MLS stuff intact

edit: although the issue might be "registered teams"? Not sure, just replacing LAFC the way I just described is probably best to keep draft picks etc

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Pretty sure you can't successfully remove/replace/add teams in MLS and keep all the custom features if you aren't using the advanced rules: I've done it in advanced rules in previous years, and even there you need to both change the database entry for the team AND change the registered teams for the competition, and maybe a couple of other things I don't remember too.

If you're not up to that then themodelcitizen's trick of simply editing a team that's already there should work.

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  • SI Staff

You should also be able to swap it with St Louis (or do a create a club).  I enjoy swapping new created teams out for St Louisso you can also enjoy the expansion experience.

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