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Players never improve in training (arrows)

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Probably in the wrong section so apologies but I am just a casual player of this game, no where near the levels of most although I have been playing this and championship manager since the great 00-01 version 

Now I do have very good coaches at my club but I have never ever got involved in the training side of the game 

Always seems too complicated so leave it to the assistant to lead it and for the last years (in real life) doing it this way I am yet to see hardly and arrows pointing upwards on players attributes.

Always pointing down and maybe just maybe the odd one trying to point up but never one stat improved 

Is there a simple way to train them without being to advanced please guys?



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Something I noticed in previous versions is that it is very important to change the train focus of each player from the default one. Like, directly choose the role they must train. I noticed it for players that I forgot to set the focus and weren't improving at all with the default one, and then I changed it to a particular position/role and almost instantly they started to improve.

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