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What's the best BBC/ITV Intro for a World Cup

oche balboa

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I've watched all the BBC/ITV titles from every World Cup since my first one in 1998, and sorted them from my favourites to my worst.

  1. ITV 2014: Everything about this is top-notch - the imagery, the colour, the childhood enthusiasm, the music. Brasil, Braseeeeeeel. :)
  2. ITV 1998: This is probably 8-year-old me talking, but even now, this is one of my favourites. 90s-tastic, with a brilliant Jean-Michel Jarre soundtrack.
  3. ITV 2002: Really like this one too - great presentation and music. Feel like it emphasises Japan too much and South Korea nowhere near enough.
  4. BBC 1998: Classy, nostalgic, quite stirring, like most BBC tournament intros around this period. Perhaps a little too pompous.
  5. BBC 2002: Not quite as stunning as ITV's effort, but a very lively, high-tempo effort. Feels like a World Cup, and puts both co-hosts in the spotlight.
  6. ITV 2010: A joyful celebration of the first African World Cup. Unfortunately pales in comparison to a similar but better ITV intro for 2014.
  7. ITV 2018: Theatrical, Swan Lake-themed intro that pulls out all the stops. I like this, though it doesn't feel terribly World Cup-py.
  8. BBC 2014: Some cool CGI, but the eye movement animations creep me out. And Stevie Wonder's great, but what's he got to do with Brazil?
  9. BBC 2010: Not terrible by any means, but there's far, FAR, FARRRRR much going on. My head still hurts thinking about it.
  10. BBC 2006: Similar to their excellent Euro 2004 intro, only with less Basement Jaxx and more Handel. But it just doesn't hit the spot for me.
  11. BBC 2018: There's a young girl in a blue dress has a balloon that looks like a football. That's as interesting as it gets.
  12. ITV 2006: I feel like this is bland, forgettable, more like an intro to a "World Cup's Best Moments" show on ITV4. And Kasabian, please never cover Bowie again.

I think it's fair to say I like ITV's intros much more than the BBC's. :D

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USA 94 is a World Cup I always say is my favourite of all the ones I've seen but the ITV (especially) intro is "interesting".  BBC is fine, but other than the footage of the World Cup (must have been a highlights package at a later stage in it), somebody at ITV has said to the person who made it "what do you think of when you think of the USA?" and their reply has been "eagle?" :D I guess people from the US might like it

also the community announcer saying "soccer from the States"

BBC one there as well:

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My Dad bought me the ITV 1998 one on CD and I still like it to this day. Because it's a re-working of a Jarre track it isn't quite so "of its time".

I think that's why classical music is generally popular, so that it doesn't feel immediately dated. Nessum Dorma is both classical and quite uplifting which is why it works whereas those Russian ones jog no memories whatsoever. And they had so much classical Russian music to choose from! ( or folk ;))

ITV's Brazil was really good too, should have been too cheesy but worked

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1 hour ago, SouthCoastRed said:

This years BBC one is absolutely rubbish. Everything about this is going to be a ****show isn’t it :D

Just watched it.

Vomit. Even worse than ITV 2006.

Surely ITV can come up with something decent?

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