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Kidderminster Harriers // Vanarama National League // April 2026


As soon as a win could clinch the title the nerves appeared...


… but unless Altrincham can cut down a -20 goal difference Kidderminster will be officially crowned champions on the last matchday.

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Kidderminster Harriers // Vanarama National League // May 2026 + end of season


Frustrating that the team was unable to win any of the last 4 matches and clinch the title early.


Altrincham had a meltdown, losing on the final day and in the playoff semi-final. Notts County in honesty were the second best team for a long time so they deserve promotion.


Great season from the squad. The regular starters all have good numbers and ratings, and some substitutes too. It's a shame almost every non-base XI players complained at one point or another for more minutes, and I'm not budging on those demands so I already have 4 players who announced they will not renew. The squad will need work for next season but I'm not sure if I will still be here either.

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Kidderminster Harriers // Sky Bet League Two // 2026/27 pre-season + transfers


The usual fitness workload to get everyone fit and test some trials and new signings. I lost some players that I would have offered new deals if they hadn't decided to leave on a free.

Ben Jackson - DC


Charlie Sayers - DL


Dermi Lusala - DR


Kahrel Reddin - MR


I'm still looking for a ball-winning midfielder and a deep-lying forward but if they arrive it will already be with official matches played.

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Kidderminster Harriers // Sky Bet League Two // August 2026


Good start to the season. The Cardiff match generated some income but it could have been a lot more if the match was at their place.


Media prediction is 21st out of 24 but keeping a record like this month's I think top half is more accurate.

At the very end of the deadline I was able to finally sign a new midfielder. He's more fitting as a box-to-box but most of all he adds quality. Also in three young prospects for the U18 squad.

Darko Gyabi - MC


Daren Towers - MR


Glen Shelton - GK


Osman Parmenter - DR


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Kidderminster Harriers // Sky Bet League Two // September 2026


A mixed bag of results but one positive so far is that the team is not conceding loads of goals every match like it used to happen at times in previous seasons.


4W in 8 is very acceptable for the predicted 21st and second lowest wage bill. In xG however, top of the table!

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Kidderminster Harriers // Sky Bet League Two // October 2026


1 loss in 8 matches to dead last Gillingham... Anyway great month, top of the group of the EFL Trophy. Interesting that a win on penalties is worth 2 points.


I'm very pleased with the season so far. Goals scored/conceded ratio is fine, xG is great. Wingers are underperforming though, but that is probably because they are, at best, average for this level.

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The first managerial move of Wingplay Crossicho sees him leave Kidderminster and take on fellow League Two's Colchester United.


This a much bigger club regarding facilities, stadium, fans, and also reputation. As I mentioned I'll only look to move jobs that have +0.5* reputation so this is the natural step up.


Media-wise predicted 3rd the team has not lived up to the expectation so far. First match is tomorrow, against... Kidderminster!

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // November 2026


Ironically my debut as Colchester manager was against my former team Kidderminster. They kept the base XI and continued the good form with a convincing win. Against Crewe a much better performance and an underdog win.


First priority is start scoring more goals and get to the top half of the table.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // December 2026


With the loss on the EFL Trophy there's only the league left to focus on, and maybe that's a good thing. The Northampton match was a frustrating way to end a month that started poorly but was showing improvement.


With a full month of knowing the squad I can tell this team is far from the predicted 3rd place, and mid table is much more fitting. There are some interesting players and the focus on youth development has produced a handful of promising youngsters, but as far as good players for this league there's few here, and the best ones are loanees. 10 points away from the playoffs is not unrealistic but this squad doesn't give me the confidence to think that is a possible scenario. I will try to improve some positions in January but the wage budget is very limited at this stage.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // January 2027


That's a lot less red and a lot more green than last month, which is a good sign.


Climbing up the table and one of only two teams with no losses in the last 5 matches as seen in the 'form' column. Deadline day in the winter transfer windows has passed and a left-back with a contract offer in hands for over a week didn't respond so I could not register anyone until the end of the season. Shambles...

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // February 2027


Two draws where the team was unable to turn the attacking dominance into goals. 4 points lost.


I'd say a mid-table uneventful spot will be the outcome of the season. The danger of relegation is gone but the hope of playoffs is hindered by the lack of consistency.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // April 2027


3 wins in 3 matches in a crucial point of the season.


When I predicted a mid-table finish I never thought our form would skyrocket, as of this moment playoffs are almost confirmed and even direct promotion is mathematically possible, although unlikely.

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2 hours ago, Sahajpal Oberoi said:

Nice story so far. What made you take the Colchester job even though you were flying high with Kidderminster Harriers?

I took the job because I want to keep progressing in reputation. I didn't want to do a Kidderminster save. Colchester is a bigger and better club than Kidderminster in every aspect (finances, facilities, reputation, social media) and I didn't want to stay at a smaller just because of a good season.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // May 2027 + end of season


Well this was heartbreaking. When I took over Colchester I didn't expect to have a chance of promotion this season but after a super late stretch the possibility was very real. And since the team was unbeaten since February 20 it was a disappointment to lose once again, on the most important match of the season.


Between 2nd and 8th place it came down to details and the luck of the playoffs.


I was able to settle on a decent base XI but some of the best players are loanees which means I must look for a handful of quality bargains to assemble a promotion contender group next season.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // 2027/28 pre-season


Good results in the summer, even impressing against Everton despite losing.

Regarding transfers I needed to get some new faces in because the team last season relied on 4 loanees as regular starters, so I had to replace them and also replace other players not good enough.

Andrew Bevan - ST - the first player I paid for in this save, €15k but he has good attributes for what I want from an Advanced Forward.


Antonio Joseph - DC - not really a "new signing" as the chairman sold him to QPR for €950k but they accepted a loan back clause so he stays here for another season.


Billy Heaps - DM - a familiar face from Kidderminster. I lost 2 central mids and he was a good option after finishing his contract.


Bryn Russell - DL - he comes on loan from Newcastle to a position where we have nobody else yet.


Charlie McNeill - ST


Ibrahim Sanusi - ST - for the U21 squad


Kieran Wakefield - ST


Silko Thomas - MR - he has some worrying cons in the report and his attributes aren't fantastic but his potential makes me wonder how far he can go


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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // August 2027


Two losses already but we are scoring goals and cohesion levels are increasing. More impressive though is the EFL Cup run so far, knocking out Swansea from Championship and Charlton from League One.


Media prediction 2nd, still early days though.

Chris Williams - DL - honestly I don't like him a lot, but good free agents seem to be inexistent and he's on loan from Wrexham on low wages.


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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // Transfer deadline day

I spent all summer looking for good deals for quality players and some positions were hard to find, but on the transfer deadline day free agents started to pop out of thin air and this is the result:

Ajani Burchall - ML - he was on my shortlist for some weeks already but on the last day he caved in and lowered his wage demands.


Dominic Thompson - DL - on the final day the left-back I searched for so long finally showed up in the form of an agent offer. I'm delighted to finally have someone for the position.


Tommy Doyle - DM he's the midfielder I wanted all summer long but I waited until the last day because he's carrying a long-term injury and I didn't need to pay him all August.


Tyler Fredricson - DC - in the desperate search for a left-back I found him and he would be a makeshift left-back but he's also the best centre-back at the club now.


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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // September 2027


The giant slaying continues in the EFL Cup, now it's League One leaders Blackpool who have fallen. Next we'll play at Fulham or Leicester.


The defense still needs fine tuning because with this amount of goals conceded there will surely be points lost.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // October 2027


We exceeded all expectations in the League Cup eliminating 3 teams playing in divisions above League Two. In the league form is great but some injuries are piling up.


Bradford slipped in recent matches and things are hot at the top. Will the players be able to keep momentum amidst so many matches and fatigue?

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // November 2027


The fixture congestion is at an all-time high, and 9 wins out of 10 is as good as I can expect as I needed to rotate a lot to manage fatigue, injuries, and suspensions.


Bradford are in a slump and with such a productive month naturally we move up.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // December 2027


Another higher division club knocked out in a cup, Charlton is up next. In the league another good month even though the final match of the year was a deserved home loss.


Bradford lost many points in November and December so that loss was not as serious as it would have been earlier in the season. Even if Wimbledon win their game in hand there's still a good gap at the top.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // January 2028


We beat Charlton and Newcastle U21 in the EFL Trophy and are now in the semis against Chelsea U21. It would be a cool achievement to win this trophy. Unfortunately in the FA Cup Charlton got their revenge. In the league, smooth sailing.


Next match is away at Wimbledon and can be the first hand on the trophy if we can get a win.


I took advantage of the club's good moment to capitalize on the interest in some of my players. Jonas is a good CB but he's short and harmless on set pieces so I prefer having €230k in the bank. Ngiamba was the club's brightest prospect but he wasn't really neither a full back or a winger so I sold him for the most I could and Forest offered a loan back which means I don't need to sign anyone new in a hurry.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // March 2028


We will play the EFL Trophy final against Man City U21, and it will all come down to what team they will field. If they don't use many first team players there's a real chance of winning this trophy.


The most important part is done, and next year Colchester will play in the League One. And while it's not confirmed yet the expectation is to go up as champions.

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Colchester // Sky Bet League Two // May 2028 + end of season


A fitting end to a great season.


Crewe and Southend join us in automatic promotion and Bradford won the playoffs and will play in League One next season as well.


The key to our great season was, in my opinion, having two good players for each position, which gave me freedom to rotate and not lose much quality in such a long, match-heavy league. Most players will remain for next season but the loanees are gone and Tyler Fredricson who is the best centre-back by a mile doesn't want to renew which is unfortunate.

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Colchester's good and bad news are someone else's responsibility now, as Wingplay Crossicho has just signed for Luton Town!


Either way next season will see Crossicho manage in the League One, but once again the step up is fairly considerable: manager wage €1.2k €5.5k per week; wage budget €50k €280k per week; transfer budget €300k €12m; social media 65k 160k. Roughly speaking, Luton Town has the setup to be able to scout all across Europe and sign the best young prospects, something Colchester's board could not provide. Club reputation ups from 2 to 2.5 stars and the facilities are better as well. Easy choice.

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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // 2028/29 pre-season


A mixed bag of results as I try to assemble a squad to my liking.

The squad is much worse than I expected, to be honest. There's one player above average and the rest are either average, old, or not good enough. There's a handful of promising youngsters but they're not ready yet to be consistent good players at this level. Thus far seven new players arrived to an immediate increase in the squad's quality.

Joe Tomlinson - DL - free


Kevon George - DC - free


Micah Hamilton - ML - free


Lewis Joseph Carthey - ST - €95k


Tyler Fredricson - DC - €170k - the best player I had at Colchester didn't renew but I had to pay a compensation to get him. He is once again the best centre-back at his club.


Lyberis Meserdis - MC - €49k - I wanted to sign him since I was at Kidderminster but only now was I able to offer him a good enough deal.


Mason Burstow - ST - €700k - big money signing in this save but it's still a good deal as long as he performs, which according to my staff he is very capable of.


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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // August 2028


Not a bad start. Two draws in the first two league matches but statistically we dominated. A loss to Southampton which is normal, and then convincing wins, maximizing the tactical focus on set pieces and the use of a Target Man.


I rather draw a couple more matches and remain undefeated because that's a good morale boost, but we must keep capitalizing on the chances created to score.

Harry Brooke - MC - €500k - I like physically strong midfielders and Brooks is very capable, but he's short which makes him useless in aerial duels. Apart from that he should do well as a B2B.


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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // Transfer deadline day

I thought I had done all my business before the final day, but an incoming offer meant some late business. Derby offered €4m for my 30 y/o right-back with one year left on the contract. He's still quality and a team leader but his physical stats won't last more than two seasons, so I accepted the offer and remembered a scout suggestion during the summer.

Calvin Ramsay - DR - €400k - downside to this A+ suggestion is the imposed €600k release clause but I'm hoping I can give him a new contract next year to get rid of that.


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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // October 2028


Last month's good form is definitely gone, with the team falling apart during schedule-heavy October.


Only two wins in seven league matches brought us down the table but still in playoffs contention.

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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // November 2028


Definitely an improvement over last month. It helped that we faced bottom table teams as I reverted to my Arrigo Sacchi 4-4-2. We continue active in the FA Cup and the EFL Trophy, although I will field a weaker team for the latter.


It's a wild ride at the top, all places are up for grabs.

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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // December 2028


I often seem to do well in fixture-heavy months. No other team in any division is likely to have a perfect record in this month.


Only three teams have not lost any of the last five matches, and the other two had 1W 4D. So naturally there is a rise up the table and a nice gap if MK Dons don't win their game in hand.

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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // January 2029


The month began with the elimination from the EFL Trophy to the anger of nobody - I already won this trophy at Colchester and it brings no benefit either financially or sporting.


The gap to MK Dons continues to increase and 2029 starts with a clear title contender.

Omari Hutchinson - ML - free - I had some doubts regarding signing him now or wait until the summer to possibly sign someone better, but he only requested a Fringe Player status and €1.7k per week so this is an absolute steal.


Matchoi Djaló - MR - €1.7m - my starting MR wanted to leave to Troyes, and so he did for €3.5m. In comes a fine replacement for a lower fee and he's possibly even better than his predecessor.


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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // February 2029


We faced two Championship teams in the FA Cup: we beat 24th and lost to 1st. We'll most likely be there next season so I was pleased with both performances since we took Sheffield United to extra-time at their stadium.


We almost helped Colchester in their relegation battle but our goal scoring form is too good for everyone else right now.

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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // March 2029


Against Bradford we guaranteed automatic promotion to the Championship, and against Cheltenham we clinched the title.


4 losses in 42 matches is incredible and undoubtedly we were several steps above the competition from November onward.

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Luton Town // Sky Bet League One // April 2029 + end of season


There was nothing left to play for in these final matches so I just instant resulted them and it wasn't that bad.


Great season. We were promotion candidates from the start but once everything started to click we became unplayable and barely undefeatable. Wigan finishes 2nd and in the next couple of weeks a third lucky team will follow us to the Championship.


Suffice to say the summer signings played a key part in our success. There are two fairly important players whose contracts are up but they want a lot of money so it's possible they will leave. They're not irreplaceable - in fact they will be out of the base XI for next season - but they are still very valid options, but for the right money only.

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Luton Town // Sky Bet Championship // 2029-30 pre-season


Lots of friendlies with good results, no injuries, and everybody fit for the first official match.

Adrian Derrick - MC - loan from Man Utd - I like his profile and with one of my centre mids unhappy he might play more than expected.


Jack Austin - ST - €450k - my backup striker refused a new contract and left, so I replaced him with a younger option. He's less capable on the immediate but he's got great potential and good stats for the Advanced Forward role.


Luca Gunter - GK - €400k - I needed a goalkeeper and would either get a backup for Andrew Fisher or a new starter. Gunter was the best price/quality option and he comes initially to be the second in line.


Stephen Nesbitt - ST - €3.2m - Nathan McCann failed to convince me he can be a viable option at this level so I invested in a Target Man. He'll be second choice to our best player Mason Burstow but he'll still play a lot as the season is long and this role requires peak physical condition.


Travis Akomeah - DC - free - this monster will start alongside Fredricson in the centre of defense. I expect many dangerous highlights from set pieces.


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