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[BUG] Game is unable to/incorrectly scheduled a game that's causing a crash


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Just for context, I went through all of the files for the CONCAF league database by this guy https://sortitoutsi.net/content/59402/fm-22-us-10-level-canada-2-level-and-expanded-concacaf-databases

Which I then proceeded to verify all of the files for this years FM cycle so that I could play with this database, which I was successfully able to do. Fast forward to a regionally based cup called the desert derby, and my team manages to take down a club a full league above me, and now I'm in the championship round. However, there seems to be a serious scheduling conflict because the other semi-final game is scheduled to be played 1 day before the championship game, and every time I simulate to the day of their game, FM instantly crashes without fail. I am at a loss cause these games are being scheduled as the save progresses, it's not like it's a predetermined dated that's causing this issue.

But just to provide more info that may be relevant, when I was going through the verification process with the editor, I would often get a warning, which went by "Warning: Rule Group has empty discipline rules". To me it seemed like it was due to an advanced rule setup that didn't translate from fm22 to fm23, but I would fix it by reverting from advanced rules to basic rules and the editor was fine with it again and let me verify it, so MAYBE that could be the issue but I wouldn't be able to say for sure as I'm not very knowledgeable on the editor.

But for the time being, is there a way for me to schedule the other semi-final game myself to see if that's actually the problem?

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