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[FM23] Canadian Megapatch (w/ proper 2024 CCL format)

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Yeah this might be easier than I feared, my bad for flagging so hard. Scrapped those changes above and just put them in a dummy Canadian division (in the US file):



Do you put the dummy division into the nation rules? I haven't done that here, just duplicated MLSNP and changed it's nation and name (same rep). Considering placing this new comp in the MLSNP rules as it's own hidden stage (that doesn't do anything) so that you can click on "MLS Next Pro Canada" on WFC2's page there and it would take you to the MLSNP splash page (instead of presently being unclickable).

As long as only 1 (or neither) of us put the competition into the rules, then they should be compatible even if both of us put them in a dummy Canadian division (last alphabetical would just take priority in terms of the visual name/clicking through to MLSNP). If you don't put it in rules, maybe we could both use an existing ID (like that unused "CSL Regular Season" or "CSL Second Division" in there)

Will edit with their transfer activity shortly, simming now (with Saints' and my file both enabled)

EDIT: TFC II actually got a (Russian-Canadian) newgen in 2024 and loaned him to ProStars, I guess changing the nation unlocks the ability to adjust their youth rating, etc? All still at 0, I'm guessing both teams will get  more newgens if we change that

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