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Mass Youngsters Retirement

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Hi everybody,

i'm training Belgium and just partecipated in the U-20 Tolone tournament. At the end of June in 2029, i received 36 messages of retiring players from my U20 AND U18 Belgium team and i don't get what's the reason behind. A lot of them already have great careers despite being so young.

For example, the best player of my team is actually playing in Juventus (who just lost the Champions League final against Man City (Football Manager is sooooooooooooo realistic) as forward with a 1.7 milion/year contract until 2033.

Almost all of them play in the most important leagues with multiyears contracts.

The point is, actually i'm building a great national team with belgium and with all these retirement i risk i could lose against Far Oer. Can anybody help me please?


Could the reason be that i just removed Belgium's League from the "playable leagues"?

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