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[Suggestion] Make DM and CM a single position


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@Jack Joyce with the most important change about the new game in my opinion.



Positions is always a difficult topic, especially in the modern game where positions/roles are so fluid - it almost just becomes a game of semantics! 

Previously we had a problem - a CM in a 433 is fundamentally very different to a CM in a 4231, they're really not the same position. e.g. you might see Mason Mount as a CM in a 433 and not bat an eyelid, but if you saw him at the base of a 4231 you'd wonder what the manager is thinking! However, in game the AI managers were constantly using players like Mason Mount as CMs in formations where you'd typically expect a double-pivot to be deployed e.g. 4231, 523, 5221.

We reviewed all the possible solutions and felt this was best for the realism of the team selection system, fundamentally players in the base of a 4231 are pivots, and these changes reflect that. It does mean that some players needed their positions adjusted by researchers to reflect these changes, and if you see any issues where this still hasn't happened, please report it to the researchers via the forums. You'll probably find that most CMs will end up also having at least some ability at either DM or AM, but this is expected.

It does mean that there's a lot less formations used by the AI managers with CMs - but there's still some e.g. 442 diamond and 442 flat which remain.

But overall we feel like this has benefits for not only tactical balance and team selection for AI managers, but also for AI shortlisting - since now when they look to recruit a player to play at the base of a 4231 they're not even considering a player like Mason Mount for it.

It's worth noting that when you use DMs with no CMs in the team, then those DMs will position higher - and the same for CMs when there's no DMs, they'll position a bit deeper in certain phases.

The 442 remains in part for tradition, which means sooner or later it will make no sense in the rest of the match engine as it is.

For this reason and everything else mentioned above I suggest SI keeps discussing this change - which makes all the sense in my eyes - and unifies the DM and CM position, because choosing roles and duties is enough to get the desired result.

Also, as it stands it is possible to create something weird. The CMs drop deep in a flat 442 but I can have a Mezzalla and an Advanced Playmaker there so how will that work?

A "flat" midfield can work perfectly fine without the need to separate DM from CM (and the added labor of making every DM and CM in the database competent at both positions). And when selecting roles and duties the player knows how deep to drop or how forward to press, e.g. MEZ/A + ANCHOR/D + CM/S


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