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Are the players any less dramatic in FM23?

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I'm still playing FM22 and the drama the players are coming up with on a daily basis is ridiculous. I've got three centre backs, all three unhappy with their gametime and requesting transfers. I've got two wingers on each side, all four transfer listed as they can't cope with the gametime. I've got Tino Livramento at right back requesting a transfer because of a lack of gametime, but also fatigued and in need of a rest. To top it off I've got Jordan Pickford requesting a transfer at 32 because he feels like he's done it all, after winning the PL for the first time and having never got past the first knock out stage of the Champions League. The interested team are midtable Southampton and Fenerbahce.

There needs to be more sophistication around gametime in the game. Contracts should be more planned, with squad statuses aligned to a number of games per season. My three centre backs should not be complaining at playing 40 games a season each. One is a star player (And he is) and the other two are set as regular starters. I usually don't even have to choose, one is usually injured or banned or fatigued to some degree. If anything it should be the other way round, with elite level players moaning that they're having to play Bromsgrove in the FA Cup or Sutton in the Caraboa rather than mentally collapsing because they missed a couple of easy games and youth/fringe players moaning if they miss those games, but silent when you don't pick them for the big games.

Have there been any changes to this in FM23?

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