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FM23 Youth Challenge - Single or Two Tier Leagues

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This is the same challenge as the FM23 Youth Only Challenge, only you can now play using nations with just one league (such as Latvia) or two leagues without relegation (such as The Netherlands).

The rules listed below are the same as Darren has done on his thread.

The Aim

To win your chosen countries' top division and win the Champions League of your continent with a previously unplayable club or worst club in the nation if there is no relegation, using only your academy as a way of acquiring new players - this mean NO TRANSFERS of any kind. No buying back former players. Even on a free. No loans not even as part of a deal to sell your player. 

The Available Countries

Countries that have relegation from the bottom tier are not applicable here - Use the FM23 Youth Only Challenge thread for those clubs.  Any nation that has only one tier, such as Latvia, San Marino (when the file is out via the editor) are eligible here.  Also, nations who only have two tiers where there is no relegation from the bottom tier are eligible, such as The Netherlands.

Helpful Information

There is often lots of speculation about what impacts the youth intake and what you as a player can do in order to get the best intake you can and the below is the information we have thanks to @Seb Wassell (sorry for the notification here mate)

Newgens & Youth Intake

Youth Recruitment

The Club’s recruiting of Juniors, those of home and foreign origin.

Youth Facilities

The training facilities available for Juniors (only).
Does NOT apply to visible players already at the club. All visible players currently at the club use Training Facilities regardless of age.

Junior Coaching

The quality and quantity of Junior Coaches at the Club.

Nation Youth Rating

The potential maximum quality and quantity of Juniors produced in that Nation.

Game Importance

How important football is considered to be in that Nation.

Producing Newgens

The Clubs with the best Youth Recruitment will generally pick up the best Junior talent from that Nation first, the scale of that talent being determined by the Nation Youth Rating and Game Importance. The lower the Youth Recruitment the further down the pecking order a club will find itself. Two clubs with identical Youth Recruitment will be sorted by Club Reputation. Being lower down this pecking order does not mean quality Newgens cannot be produced, it simply lowers the chances.

Youth Facilities and Junior Coaching then simulate and determine how that Junior progresses in the Club’s Junior system until a Newgen is produced and appears in game. It is at this point that the Current Ability (CA) and Potential Ability (PA) of the newgens are decided. The above factors all contribute to both CA and PA equally.

Head of Youth Development (HoYD)

The club’s HoYD is responsible for bringing Newgens into the club. He will influence what “type” of players are selected and can partially or fully pass on his personality to some of these Newgens. The “type” of players selected refers to a player’s position and style, for instance a HoYD with a preferred 4-5-1 formation and a Technical Coaching Style may produce more technically styled midfielders than another HoYD.
The HoYD will also influence the rare “freak” or exceptional Newgens that come through, modifying their ability and style.
This role is filled by the HoYD by default, however if none is employed whichever staff member is set to be responsible for youth development will fill this role.

Youth Intake Preview

In FM22 the Development Centre will provide a preview of the upcoming youth intake ahead of the day itself.
This preview will provide some information on the general quality of the intake, positions that are either blessed with or lacking in quality and any other notable highlights.
Currently it seems we DON'T get an inbox item for when poaching other teams players happens, but we instead get in an extra player in the first possible intake. Not ideal, and I hope SI will fix it, but at least it's possible to see after the player appears so worth checking how many players come through - it's usually 16 so any more than that and you've likely got a poached player in your intake 

Junior Player Poaching

It is possible for Juniors to be poached from another club's youth system. This will most commonly occur from smaller reputation club > larger reputation club.
When this occurs a inbox item is received, offering a few details (similar to that of the Youth Intake Preview) on the player that has been poached. Poached players will appear in the next appropriate youth intake.

Database Settings


Database size can be small, medium or large

Advanced Options have to be as shown here – 2.jpg.a8ed417be66965081e4a13ca0870411d.jpg


Any additional settings in the ‘Advanced Database Setup’ – Due to us not being allowed to buy players, adding extra players just adds to the realism of your game and potentially slightly increases difficulty. NOTE – It is highly recommended you add the highest unplayable leagues for your country, as this will help make sure the promoted teams (you will be taking control of) have players.

As an example, this is what I loaded for England for example - 1.jpg.ffeb96bd71412b3db3c1adbf9e9e977a.jpg

Players from Top Clubs in Europe (or all players from whatever continent you are playing in) is also recommended

We used to limit this to just loading the leagues from the country you are playing in but we now allow you to load as many leagues as you to add a bit more immersion into their saves. You don't have to add any more than the country you are playing in but the option is there for people that want to.

Steps When Getting Started

Add yourself as an unemployed manager. Call him holiday man if you want.

Go on holiday until the reset date of your nation or the day before if you’re planning on reloading.

Retire the manager

Add a new manager with your chosen nationality and the lowest possible reputation and qualifications

Choose the newly promoted club of your choice

Rules for when taking over your club of choice

You're allowed to keep any player that starts under contract, you can extend their contracts as often as you like

Any players that are on loan at the club can be used but their loans can not be extended

If your board sign players for you and you can't cancel the deal these players can not be used, they must be sold ASAP, you should also post a screenshot in here when they've been signed so that we know they've been given to you

Rules for the Challenge

If there is no relegation from the lowest division, you must holiday for a season and take over at the bottom placed side.

No loans or transfers in are allowed but you can sell and loan players out.

If you are sacked, sorry, you have to start again.

No save game editors are allowed. Only cosmetic database edits are allowed. (Team/competition names/logos)

No international management until completion of challenge.

Signing backroom staff is allowed. Signing players on trial or signing grey players isn't allowed.

Rules for this Thread

Player naming is allowed.

General discussion on tactics is allowed, although people should not refer to downloaded tactics. They are not banned, but I would expect the majority of people to avoid them.

Screenshots for anything are encouraged but please post links to your pictures, don't post them as images as it makes the pages slower to load.

When you join the challenge, could you post a screenshot of your manager's profile on the league reset date.

Progress of your club should be documented using this thread. The beauty of these challenge threads is to share your story and to read others. Please keep us updated, even if you are not performing as you may wish.

Season Update

Youth Candidates

All Tagged Players Attribute page

Transfers (to prove that you haven’t signed any players)


League Table

Anything else is optional. 

Also, some people like to nickname/tag their best players from each youth intake in chronological order. For example, you could nickname your best player in the intake in season 1 as *their name* YP01a, and so on. But this is not compulsory if you don't wish to.

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Actually for MLS you have a cool super difficult opportunity with the St. Louis Expansion joining the league in 2023. Expansion of Major League Soccer - Wikipedia. I haven't run a USA simulation but just looking at the initial start & sim season I used for England it really looks like they exist at the start of the game but aren't registered for any competitions and have almost no players. Granted if you set up all of USA this will get filled in, but most MLS clubs in my save have most of their players as they fit the reputation requirements. This is significantly less



If my England save wasn't going so well I would absolutely be starting this save. This is literally the first time I've ever seen the opportunity to have a true build a club in the USA

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Year 0 | It Surely Can't Get Any More Worse Than This?

Since the emergence of the A-League. Perth Glory have had it tough and not seen anywhere near the success they had when they first emerged in the now defunct National Soccer League.
Being the only professional club in Western Australia, Glory represents a large catchment area developing talent for the national team and has unfortunately seen great success in the wrong areas.
Particularly, cutting their own products only for them to succeed elsewhere... 

In a post-Covid-19 world, Perth Glory has had the significantly shortest of straws when it comes to the Australian-based clubs in the A-League. Having hardly been able to play in their own city, let alone their own stadium.
Sinking millions of dollarydoos every year and getting stuff-all in return.
They are truly a shadow of their former... uh.. former-former-self?
It's time to put this farce to an end and return to the Glory days.

A New Chapter:

The purple circle that has been in-control during the majority of the A-League era are aware that they are on their final hill to die upon and drastic measures must be taken.
The decision to close-up shop and focus 100% on their own youth products has finally taken action. Club Owner Tony Sage came out to back the new era of the club and stated that
"We won't even be buying players from the local Western Australian clubs. If you want to become a Perth Glory player, you have to earn it by joining our academy."
Sage further noted that the club needs to put in the hard work and time to create our own superstars and not inheriting has-beens either.
So that means no more Daniel Sturridge's, William Gallas', gosh even Robbie Fowler's.
"They just don't work out. We need to make our own." Sage claimed.

Still bitter about previous West Aussie products leaving the club Director of Football Terry McFlynn had left an open threat to those from their old home.
"If you leave this club as a player, you aren't welcome back  with open arms until the day you hang up your boots".
He further reiterated,
"Of course, if you come through our system and a better opportunity comes with the right conditions, we will wish you all the best.
The point is, we want to be in control both business and performance-wise, with extra precautions and total awareness that there is someone next coming down the factory line". 

Maybe things are changing? Let's see who will be steering the ship...

The Manager:

A fresh face to professional football management has entered the senior game. Kalgoorlie-born and proud Western Australian Bruce Hogan has taken the mantle to lead the first team after working in the Glory ranks as a youth coach for quite some time. 
"I know I am an unknown face, and I know the first team fellas have no bloody clue who I am, but I know the kids coming up and if we are to stick it out with this new club vision, then I'll put me hand up and grab the bull by the horns".
Hogan further stated that "The club desires to hire someone who they believe will get the best out of the upcoming players for this club. I am 100% dead-set I can achieve that for them. I love this club, I love this state. I only want what's best and I hope the fans get behind me. Each and every single one of them represents me. I am their manager they have been begging for. I am gonna take it right up those Easterners. It's West vs The Rest."
This whole club-wide decision is a massive gamble, especially hiring a manager who hasn't competed at this level before. Does he require the necessary skill set to maintain the peace with current personnel of players and staff. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. Hogan is just a placeholder to let the board control what happens to their club. The club have hired someone who has only played the game as high as Sunday-league level in the Western Australian Amateur Premier League and has not one coaching badge to his name.
A slap in the face and a disgrace to football.
Corruption at its finest.

Football Australia and the Australian Professional Leagues bodies have both refused to comment on the hiring of Hogan however stated that they will be "considering a third-party investigation regarding Perth Glory's professional license for further renewal in the future".


Let's give this thread some love. Maybe one day Australia will finally have Pro-Rel, but for now, let's take on this unique challenge shall we?

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I wish I could continue this, built up a cool story. However due to the squad registration restrictions and mandatory termination of all professional players that are unregistered AND the fact that every single youth intake player wants a full-time contract  - I can't see myself doing this challenge properly. Australia is absolutely broken. Absolute shame. Sorry lads!

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3 minutes ago, The Gold Guard said:

I wish I could continue this, built up a cool story. However due to the squad registration restrictions and mandatory termination of all professional players that are unregistered AND the fact that every single youth intake player wants a full-time contract  - I can't see myself doing this challenge properly. Australia is absolutely broken. Absolute shame. Sorry lads!

Ouch. So you know whether those rules are realistic? If they're not then defo worth raising with the head researcher.

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Just now, JAwtunes said:

Ouch. So you know whether those rules are realistic? If they're not then defo worth raising with the head researcher.

Yeah it's all legit. It's just a shame 90% of the intake wants scholarship/full-time status. It will just cause chaos after 2 or 3 intakes as you can imagine. If they all wanted an immediate a youth contract it would not be a problem.

Edited by The Gold Guard
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