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Backroom staff incorrect - Exeter City Football Club & request

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Good afternoon,


I am a first-team recruitment scout for Exeter City Football Club on a casual basis - I messaged Seb Wassell who mentioned he would bring this issue up with a Head Football League researcher but he also mentioned to report it here.


On Exeter City's backroom staff you have Paul Molesworth as Chief Scout but he scouted for Exeter City around 3 or 4 years ago and is not involved with the club. Marcus Flitcroft is the Head of Recruitment and Analysis, so his role in FM should be that of Chief Scout & Head Performance Analyst, rather than him as Scout and Paul Molesworth as Chief Scout.


By the same token, as mentioned I am a first-team recruitment scout on a casual basis, and by that I mean i'm not contracted by the club and can work for other clubs if approached. At Exeter City there are 11 or 12 of us, and I can't speak for all, but if I could personally by added to the game as an unemployed scout I would love it if this could happen? I ask unemployed as i'm not contracted to Exeter City.


I have player reports I have compiled that I can send across, from last season these are as the club are looking at players for January so I wouldn't be able to send any current players i've watched across, but happy to send reports from last season to help my credentials - i'm not really sure how to go about this or if it can happen, but thought it's worth an ask!


Many thanks,



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